Industrial aluminum profile frame connection method

by:Zeyi     2021-07-29
The connection of aluminum profile equipment frame mostly refers to the frame assembled from aluminum profile such as equipment protective cover and equipment protective fence, but sometimes it is also the support of some machinery and equipment. In many cases, what kind of connection are used to connect these frames and brackets? They need to be spliced u200bu200bwith ground connectors for stability and firmness. What is the connection method of the industrial aluminum profile profile frame? Let's introduce the splicing of several aluminum profile connectors-specifically to connect the aluminum profile frame to the ground. 1. Anchor connector The anchor connector is one of the special accessories for aluminum profiles. It is often used to connect the aluminum profile equipment frame and the ground. The connection with the anchor connector is more stable, not easy to collapse, and has a very long service life. The anchor connectors used for aluminum profiles of different cross-sections are also different. 2. Expansion screws Expansion screws can also be connected to the aluminum equipment frame and the ground, but the expansion screws are not very reliable. If the load is too large, it is not suitable for connecting the ground. 3. Hoof feet Hoof feet are a device at the bottom of the aluminum profile equipment frame, which can be used to adjust the height of the entire frame. Most hoof feet are not fixed to the ground, so the equipment frame can be moved. However, some equipment frames can also be connected to the ground with hoof feet. There are two holes in the base of this hoof foot to fix it with the ground by bolts. The above is the relevant introduction about the 'industrial aluminum profile frame connection method'. If you have any questions about industrial aluminum profile, please consult, 16 years old factory, quality is guaranteed!
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