Industrial aluminum profile packaging standards

by:Zeyi     2021-08-18
Nowadays, the demand for aluminum.com/industrial-aluminum-profile.html' target='_blank'>industrial aluminum profiles in industrial production is very large, which has also caused many hot-headed people to rush into the industry of industrial aluminum profile production, resulting in mixed good and bad in the entire industry. Although industrial aluminum extrusion processing does not seem too difficult, in fact, there are a lot of knowledge in the custom production of industrial aluminum profile profiles. Even the packaging of industrial aluminum profile profiles has a certain degree of particularity. Let's take a look at the packaging standards of industrial aluminum profiles. The aluminum profile is generally 6 meters long or even longer, so the aluminum profile is in a thin and long state as a whole. However, aluminum profiles are not as hard as steel, and they are prone to scratches when they are stacked directly. Therefore, packaging is necessary. Our aluminum profile manufacturers generally use pearl cotton and kraft paper for the packaging of industrial aluminum profiles. The pearl cotton separates the aluminum profiles and wraps them with a layer of kraft paper. After CNC processing, the aluminum profile processing parts are generally not that long, and it is more convenient to pack. However, the aluminum profile processing parts are often different in length and irregular in shape. Generally, the shorter processing parts about one meter are made of pearl cotton. Separate the packaging, and the aluminum processing parts with grooves are buckled with non-woven fabrics and then wrapped with pearl cotton. The wrapped aluminum parts are neatly stacked on the pallet, and then wrapped with stretch film. The above is the ' Profile Packaging Standard'. Although the levels of industrial aluminum profile profile manufacturers on the market are not uniform, the manufacturers who can even pay attention to the details of the packaging must be powerful manufacturers!
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