Industrial aluminum profile specifications

by:Zeyi     2021-07-18
As long as you search for aluminum profiles on the Internet, there will always be a variety of aluminum profile specifications and models that will jump into your eyes. It is strange that although they are different manufacturers, the specifications and models of aluminum profiles are very similar, which is really puzzling. What is the mystery of the specifications of industrial aluminum profile profiles, let’s take a look! There are more than 200 kinds of conventional assembly line industrial aluminum profiles, because there are also more than 200 specifications of aluminum profiles. Take the commonly used 3030 and 4040 aluminum profiles as examples. The mystery of aluminum profile specifications and models. For example, 3030, 3060, 3090, and 30150 all represent the cross-sectional size of this profile: 30x30mm, 30x60mm, 30x90mm and 30x150mm. And for example, 4040G, 4040GF and other with G, it means that this profile is national standard aluminum profile instead of European standard aluminum profile. 4040EF with E means that this aluminum profile has no notches on one or both sides. The notch here has a fixed width, which is also reflected in the specifications and models of aluminum profiles. For example, MC-6-3030 and MC-8-3030, the former represents that the groove width of this 3030 profile is 6mm, and the latter represents that the groove width of this 3030 is 8mm. The conventional groove width is also 10mm, like 4545 and 4590 are conventional European standard aluminum profiles with a groove width of 10mm. What is the significance of the formulation of industrial aluminum profile profile specifications? Aluminum profile is used to assemble a variety of aluminum profile frame products. Whether it is aluminum alloy shelves, workbenches, industrial fences, etc., they are all assembled from aluminum profiles and aluminum profile accessories. The specifications of the aluminum profile and the specifications of the aluminum profile accessories match, so that when you purchase a certain specification profile, it is very simple to choose the relevant accessories, as long as you choose the same model of accessories.
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