Industrial aluminum profiles have gradually become the focus of future aluminum industry development

by:Zeyi     2021-08-26
profiles are relative to architectural aluminum profiles. Generally speaking, industrial aluminum profiles refer to all aluminum profiles except for architectural doors and windows, curtain walls, indoor and outdoor decoration and aluminum profiles for building structures. Generally speaking, the transportation industry is a big demand for industrial aluminum profiles.   Most of China's aluminum profile manufacturers are mainly engaged in the production of architectural aluminum profiles. In addition to the real estate wave from the 1990s to the first decade of the 21st century, many aluminum profile manufacturers have made money. In recent years, as the country has begun to strictly control the real estate market, the number of newly built houses has begun to drop sharply. This has made the annual demand for construction aluminum profiles far unable to meet the needs of a large number of aluminum companies that have sprung up like mushrooms, and oversupply has begun to appear.  In such a difficult business environment, many companies have chosen to close down because they are difficult to support, but at the same time, more companies have chosen to find other ways to survive. profiles have gradually become the focus of future aluminum industry development. Compared with aluminum profiles for construction, industrial aluminum profiles have higher requirements on the production technology and equipment of the company. In the early development, it may require aluminum companies to invest a lot of start-up capital, which is possible for aluminum companies with unsatisfactory business conditions. Unaffordable. However, the promulgation of the national 13th Five-Year Plan may encourage aluminum companies to give it a go for a generous return in the future. From the perspective of the domestic aluminum consumption structure in the past 12th Five-Year Plan period, the transportation industry is an important consumption area of u200bu200bindustrial aluminum profiles. In 2015, the transportation industry accounted for 21% of aluminum consumption, which was 6 percentage points lower than the global average. With the advancement of lightweight transportation vehicles, the proportion will also increase rapidly.   In foreign countries, my country's aviation aluminum has also been favored by the world's two largest aviation giants, Boeing and Airbus. In May of this year, Southwest Aluminum signed a 2017-2023 procurement framework agreement with Airbus of France, becoming the only supplier of a certain type of alloy aluminum for Airbus. On October 27th and 27th, the Boeing Company of the United States announced in Tianjin, China that it had signed an initial agreement for the supply of aviation aluminum sheets with Shandongnanshan Aluminum. In the future, the aluminum sheets used by Boeing aircraft will be provided by the company. And Yuhang Alloy Company, another leader in the aluminum industry in Shandong, has also been inspected by the Boeing Company of the United States, and believes that more in-depth cooperation will appear in the future. Although the aerospace industry may have the highest technical threshold among the four fields, the successful orders obtained by several domestic aluminum companies will undoubtedly bring inspiration to the aluminum industry, and will also drive more aluminum companies to join in and improve this category. The localization rate of high-end aluminum materials has broken hands with the world's aluminum giants.   Today, when the real estate market has gradually come to a bottleneck, the road ahead for architectural aluminum profiles is no longer as broad as before. The transformation of industrial aluminum profiles is a general trend in terms of policies and the market. At present, domestic aluminum giants, including Liaoning Zhongwang, have announced that they will focus their future business on industrial aluminum profiles. It is believed that in the future, more aluminum companies will be driven into this new field. Realize construction and industrial aluminum profiles to walk on two legs, and focus on industrial aluminum profiles to improve the survivability of the enterprise in the current environment.
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