Industrial aluminum What are the corrosion forms of aluminum profiles?

by:Zeyi     2021-11-23
Metal corrosion exists in all areas of the national economy. With the development of economic construction and science and technology, corrosion hazards have become more and more serious, and the constraints on the development of the national economy have become more and more prominent. As an active metal, industrial aluminum profile can easily react with oxygen in the air to form aluminum oxide and form a solid film on the surface of aluminum, which can completely separate external oxygen from corrosion. However, this film interacts with many acidic or alkaline substances, and once dissolved, it will not corrode. Therefore, grasping the corrosion form of industrial aluminum profile can better avoid aluminum corrosion. A pitting corrosion pitting corrosion, also called pitting corrosion, is a very local form of corrosion, which produces pinpoints, points and holes in the metal. Pitting corrosion is a unique form of anode reaction, which is an autocatalytic process. Aluminum corrosion occurs in the atmosphere, fresh water or neutral aqueous solution, which may also cause perforation, but the corrosion pores may eventually stop developing, and the amount of corrosion will remain at A limit. The extreme degree of pitting corrosion is related to dielectric alloys such as chloride ion and fluoride ion. There must also be substances that promote the cathode reaction, such as dissolved oxygen and copper ions in the aqueous solution. From the perspective of industrial aluminum profiles, the pitting corrosion of high-purity aluminum profiles is generally more difficult to occur, and the pitting corrosion of copper-containing aluminum alloys is the most obvious. Second, incidental corrosion Electrolytic corrosion is also a characteristic corrosion form of aluminum. The natural potential of aluminum is very negative. When aluminum is in contact with other metals, aluminum always accelerates corrosion in the anode. Galvanic corrosion is also called bimetallic corrosion, and its severity depends on the relative position of the potential sequence of the two metals. The greater the potential difference, the more serious the galvanic corrosion. Almost all aluminum alloys cannot avoid galvanic corrosion. 3. Crevice corrosion There are gaps in the surface contact between the industrial aluminum profile profile itself or between aluminum and other materials. Due to the influence of different gas-filled batteries, the corrosion inside the gap is accelerated, but the outside of the gap is not affected. Crevice corrosion has nothing to do with the type of alloy, even very corrosion-resistant alloys can produce crevice corrosion. In recent years, people have conducted more in-depth research on the mechanism of crevice corrosion. The acidic environment at the top of the crack is the driving force for corrosion. Sub-sediment corrosion is a form of crevice corrosion. Four. Intergranular corrosion Pure aluminum does not prosper intergranular corrosion. The cause of intergranular corrosion is related to improper heat treatment. Alloying elements or intermetallic compounds precipitate along the grain boundaries. Compared with crystal grains, corrosion cells are formed by anodes, leading to accelerated intergranular corrosion. 5. Filament corrosion Filament corrosion is a sub-film corrosion that develops in the form of worms under the membrane. This kind of coating film can not only make the paint film, but also make other layers, generally will not occur under the anodic oxide film. Filament corrosion was first discovered under the aircraft layer, and this year it was also reported under the spray coating of aluminum profiles in the European construction industry. Filament corrosion is related to the alloy composition, the pretreatment of aluminum profiles before coating, and environmental factors such as humidity, temperature, and chloride.
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