Insight into the charm of aluminum profiles

by:Zeyi     2022-01-13
Looking at the overall home building materials market, it has been 'ruled' by traditional wooden homes for a long time. Although most of the household products that people come into contact with are made of man-made panels, they still cannot be separated from the category of wood products. Nowadays, with the popularization of environmental protection awareness and technological progress, all walks of life are gradually transforming to 'green'. Environmentally friendly profiles such as aluminum alloys are beginning to be favored by manufacturers and consumers. As a result, aluminum alloy doors and windows, cabinets and other products have also taken advantage of the trend to counterattack.  Insight into the charm of aluminum alloy profiles  What is aluminum alloy doors and windows, I am afraid some people still don’t know very well. Aluminum alloy is a new type of material with light weight, high strength, good electrical and thermal conductivity, beautiful appearance, and environmental protection. It has excellent mechanical properties and processing properties. At present, the most widely used aluminum alloy profiles in the field of interior decoration are aluminum alloy doors and windows, cabinets, curtain walls, etc., while aluminum alloy profiles for home furnishings are still in the preliminary stage of development and have a small market share.   However, as the cost of traditional home furnishing materials and other materials continues to rise, the traditional home furnishing industry is facing severe challenges, and the continuous compression of profits has made many home furnishers miserable. Looking for alternatives to traditional household materials, cost control is imperative. The emergence of aluminum alloy material seems to give the hope of householders. It is reported that since 2012, my country has become the world's largest aluminum production base and consumer market. Among them, industrial aluminum profile profiles account for about 30% of the total application volume of aluminum profiles. At the same time, the consumption ratio of Europe, North America and Japan reached 60%, 55% and 40% respectively, which is much higher than that of my country. It can be seen that aluminum alloy profiles have broad development prospects and room for growth in my country. What are the advantages of aluminum alloy doors and windows?    The popularity of new materials must have an absolute advantage that is different from the past to be recognized by the market or consumers. Then, what are the advantages of aluminum alloy doors and windows that are worthy of our praise? Let's look at the shortcomings of traditional homes. As we all know, traditional wood-based home furnishings have more or less formaldehyde emission problems, and will cause instability due to changes in space and climate. In contrast, the characteristics of aluminum alloy doors and windows are fascinating.  The material is green and environmentally friendly: Aluminum is the most readily available and reusable material on the planet. Its production and manufacturing process does not pollute the environment and will not cause any harm to human health. All-aluminum home furnishings have the advantages of zero armor, no benzene, no toxicity, no radiation, no pollution, recyclability, etc. It is absolutely green and environmentally friendly.   Convenient for industrial production: Aluminum alloy profiles have high strength, good plasticity, easy surface processing, casting and welding processing performance, which provides a strong guarantee for the industrial production of aluminum alloy profiles for household use. With the continuous improvement of production technology, the aluminum alloy profile household design greatly simplifies the household production process and shortens the production cycle. The aluminum alloy profile home design uses modular thinking to manufacture standard and universal home components, which are then combined into finished home products through connectors, which are easy to install, save time and labor, and can be repeatedly disassembled and migrated.   Not only that, aluminum alloy doors and windows also have the characteristics of insect and ant resistance, impact resistance, no peculiar smell, no deformation, easy cleaning, firm edge sealing, and super durability. Moreover, aluminum alloy profiles are mostly hollow structures and light in weight. This material is 70 times lighter than bricks of the same volume and only one third of the weight of stainless steel. At the moment, the traditional home furnishing industry is very troublesome due to environmental protection remediation. Various tangible and intangible costs have formed a high-pressure situation, and the pressure of price increases is difficult to eradicate. The emergence of aluminum alloy doors, windows, and cabinets has become a difficult opponent for the traditional home furnishing industry. After all, who can win the price war? Moreover, in the long run, with the continuous scarcity of forest resources, people are concerned about green With increasing attention to sustainable life, aluminum alloy profiles are bound to be widely used in household production because of their light weight, high strength, good processing performance, and recyclability.   The home furnishing market is like a boiling ocean, and it has never stopped the interpretation of the story of innovation and counterattack. Nowadays, household building materials products such as aluminum alloy doors and windows are being valued by manufacturers as a new force, and in the future, they may play a more important role in the home furnishing market. ————The article comes from the Internet. If there is any infringement, please contact to delete it.
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