Introduction of aluminum alloy building profiles

by:Zeyi     2021-07-24
Aluminum alloy building profiles are mainly used in construction and are indispensable materials for high-rise buildings, apartments and high-rise buildings. Aluminum building profiles are usually used as raw materials for doors, windows, curtain walls and sealing in buildings. Therefore, the quality of its products is directly related to the quality of doors, windows and curtain walls, and is closely related to the interests and lives of thousands of households.   Nowadays, the level and type of aluminum alloy building profile products produced in my country are comparable to those of foreign countries. Product categories can be divided into: anodized colored profiles, electrophoretic painted profiles, powder sprayed profiles, fluorocarbon paint sprayed profiles, and broken bridge insulation profiles. Aluminum alloy building profile products have the advantages of high strength, light weight, corrosion resistance, good decoration, long service life and rich colors, especially by choosing different colors and patterns to add luster to the home decoration environment. Generally, the surface of a good product will not lose its gloss and color within 20 years. Especially for broken bridge insulation profiles. The product has outstanding heat insulation, sound insulation, sealing performance and decorative effect. According to the determination of relevant departments, in the cold winter and hot summer, the heat preservation effect is obvious, and it can reduce the number of air-conditioning starts by one third. It is a very good energy-saving product.  When choosing and using aluminum alloy building profiles, you should pay attention to the following points:   1. Check the product factory certificate, pay attention to the factory date, specifications, technical conditions, company name and production license number.  2. Check the surface condition of the product carefully. There should be no obvious defects such as scratches, bubbles, etc. on the surface of the product. The product has a bright color and good gloss.  3. Be sure to pay attention to the wall thickness of the product. The product thickness of the door and window materials should not be less than 1.2mm. 4. Pay attention to the thickness of the surface coating of the product. The film thickness of anodized products is not less than 10μm, the film thickness of electrophoretic paint products is not less than 17μm, and the thickness of powder spray coating does not exceed the range of 40~120μm. Fluorocarbon paint spraying The product should be above the second coating and not less than 30μm.   5. In daily maintenance, brushes and other hard objects cannot be used as cleaning tools, and soft cotton yarn and cotton cloth should be selected.  6. u200bu200bThe cleaning agent can be water, detergent and soap, but not other organic substances.
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