Introduction of aluminum alloy doors and windows installation steps and some professional knowledge

by:Zeyi     2021-10-29
Many Chinese people often invest more time and energy in the design and decoration of smart homes to choose homes, especially when buying aluminum doors and windows. They often overlook the installation of aluminum doors and windows. In fact, the installation of aluminum doors and windows is also a point of development. The key to poverty is that students will cause various social problems in the future. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the professional knowledge management of aluminum doors and windows. 1. Marking and positioning: (1) According to the installation position, size and height of the doors and windows in the plan, place the line from the center line of the door and window to the two ends of the window. For multi-storey or high-rise buildings, lead the pendant or theodolite to the side line of the door and window, and chisel a single non-linear edge at the marking symbol on each floor of the door and window. Due to the combination of curtain wall technology and technology, doors, windows and curtain walls respond to the global call for energy conservation and emission reduction. Smart curtain walls, such as solar photovoltaic curtain walls, ventilation channel breathing curtain walls, wind and rain induction smart curtain walls, will show the unique charm of the building. Doors and windows in aluminum door and window materials, materials connected to the wall. Its main feature is that the surface of the junction with the wall is mostly flat, fixed on the wall and immovable. The curtain wall is the outer wall of the building, which is hung like a curtain, so it is also called the upper wall. It is a light-weight wall with decorative effect commonly used in modern large-scale and high-rise buildings. The building envelope composed of structural frame and panel does not bear the load and action of the main structure. The horizontal direction of the doors and windows is based on the horizontal line, and 50 cm is added to the floor rooms. The subcutaneous height of each layer of windows must be the same. 2. Aluminum profile window ventilation device: According to the requirements of the construction design drawing, the suspension is fixed on the aluminum profile window to ensure correct selection of different directions and firm equipment. 3. Anti-corrosion treatment: The main contents are as follows: (1) When designing the appearance of doors and windows, if anti-corrosion treatment is required, according to the planning process, if planning is not required or the plastic film coated with anti-corrosion coating is not required for maintenance, it can be used directly Cement mortar aluminum outer door, electrochemical reaction and aluminum doors and windows contact, avoid the corrosion contact of aluminum doors and windows. (2) When installing aluminum doors and windows, if you choose to effectively connect iron parts for fixing, stainless steel parts should be used for connecting iron parts, fixing parts and other metal material parts. Otherwise, it is necessary to study anti-corrosion technology to avoid the occurrence of enterprise and electrochemical reactions. , Corrosion aluminum doors and windows. 4. Installed aluminum doors and windows: According to the positioning line marked on the doors and windows, install the aluminum door and window frames, and adjust the horizontal, vertical and diagonal lengths of the doors and windows in time to meet the quality standards. 5. Fixation of aluminum profile doors and windows: (1) When iron parts are embedded on the wall, the iron feet of the doors and windows can be directly welded to the embedded iron parts on the wall, and the welding needs to be done Anti-rust technology treatment. (2) When there is no embedded iron parts on the wall, different metal materials can be used to expand and use bolts or plastics to expand and bolts to fix the iron feet of aluminum doors and windows to the wall. (3) When there are no embedded iron parts on the wall, you can also use an electric drill to drill a hole with a depth of 80mm and a diameter of 6mm on the wall, use L-shaped 80mm50mm 6rmn steel bars, and apply 108 glue to the long end , And then through the hole, after the 108 glue and mud are finally set, then the industrial aluminum profile profile as the iron foot of the door and window is welded firmly with the embedded 6mm steel bar. 6. Treatment of the gap between the door and window frame and the wall: 1. After the aluminum profile door and window are fixed, conduct the first test of the sunshade project. After passing the test, handle the gap between the door and window frame and the wall according to the planning requirements. (2) If there is no plan and not required, you can choose to use flexible insulation engineering materials or glass wool felt strips to fill the gaps with layered concrete, and leave a 58mm deep groove on the outside to fill in caulking grease or sealant.
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