Inventory of common processing equipment for broken bridge aluminum doors and windows

by:Zeyi     2021-11-09
Broken bridge aluminum doors and windows equipment includes many equipment, such as saws, angle forming machines, milling machines, etc., which will be introduced to you in detail; first, we want to talk about thermal insulation bridge aluminum window cutting equipment. Due to the difference between the intermediate connection method and the angle of the frame and the fan unit, the cutting equipment for the thermal insulation broken aluminum doors and windows is different from the cutting equipment for the plastic steel doors and windows. Among them, the thermal insulation bridge aluminum doors and windows cutting equipment includes double-head saws, and broken bridge aluminum doors and windows corner code cutting saws. It mainly includes CNC precision saws, digital display precision sawing machines, precision sawing machines and ordinary double-head sawing machines. Among them, the CNC precision cutting machine has the advantages of fast processing speed, high efficiency, and high precision. The processing effect of the digital display precision sawing machine is the same as that of the precision sawing machine. The difference is that the former has a digital display function. People can use the digital display meter to set the ruler more conveniently, quickly and accurately, and improve the processing efficiency of doors and windows. These two types of aluminum doors and windows are very suitable for medium-sized projects. Insulation bridge aluminum door and window corner saws are mainly divided into CNC type, automatic type and semi-automatic type. Generally, customers will choose automatic corner code cutting machine, as long as we put the corner code outline on the worktable, and then set the cutting size. The angle mode of the aluminum doors and windows of the insulated bridge is different from that of the plastic steel doors and windows. The former is corner code connection, the latter is direct heating and welding. Therefore, in the thermal insulation bridge aluminum door and window equipment, there will be a set of angle machines. Group angle machines are mainly divided into four-head group angle machines, double-head group angle machines and single-head hydraulic group angle machines. In terms of cost performance, single-head hydraulic corner forming machine is the best choice, and it is also the most widely used group corner door and window equipment on the market today. For the four-head group corner machine and the double-head group corner machine, unless the engineering party needs it, few customers buy this kind of equipment.
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