Is aluminum body better or steel body better?

by:Zeyi     2021-07-28
The new Mercedes-Benz E-Class is accused of different domestic and foreign standards. Unlike the overseas version of the Mercedes-Benz E-Class, the domestically-made new long-wheelbase E-Class sedan has changed the aluminum panels that were originally used in many places into steel materials. Immediately caused an uproar. So, is it better to use steel or aluminum for automotive materials?   Although Mercedes-Benz China issued a statement, the domestically-made new E-Class complies with the global uniform production standard. To be sure, the domestic version of the new E-class is heavier than the overseas version. How much weight gain? There are different versions, with a minimum of 22kg and a maximum of 200kg. No matter which number, it has not been officially recognized.   Why use steel? The reason is simple: cheap!   From the perspective of car companies, for cost reduction considerations, it is understandable to replace steel with aluminum without sacrificing safety and production standards. Steel is mature and reliable, and more importantly, low manufacturing costs. Aluminum can significantly reduce weight, but the manufacturing process is slightly more complicated and the cost is much higher than that of steel. How much can a car save by replacing steel with aluminum? The answer varies with different models, and the car companies are also secretive and unknown to the outside world. An American automotive structure expert said that replacing steel with aluminum would increase the cost of an automobile body structure by US$850 to US$2,800.   In fact, high-strength steel can also reduce weight.   In fact, as the main material for automobile production, steel is also evolving, especially high-strength steel. High-strength steel can effectively solve the contradiction between lightweight, safety and cost. Compared with aluminum, high-strength steel is not inferior in weight reduction and performance, but its production cost is lower. All-aluminum bodies are only used in luxury cars, while high-strength steel has been popularized in A-class cars. Heavy is also an advantage   Take a step back, and the body is heavy, which is not necessarily a bad thing. For a long period of time, the car in our conception is based on the importance of beauty. When communicating between riders, you can often hear your car’s weight and strong compliments. Ten years ago, Japanese cars were also involved in the body door in China. That is the focus of the contradiction is not the change of steel for aluminum, but whether the iron sheet has become thinner? Thinness and lightness are equated with insecurity and cutting corners. The Japanese cars at the time were the same as the Mercedes-Benz today, which is hard to argue with. The weight of the car body will add points to safety. In China, many people still hold this view. The hot sales of SUVs in the past three years have something to do with the size and appearance of the SUV, and it is also one of the key factors.  I am Alcoa, and I am trending.  Alcoa, as the name suggests, is a good aluminum material. Looking around today's car-making technology circle, it is a trend to use aluminum alloy instead of steel for body structure materials. The first to be popularized were super sports cars with millions of dollars and luxury cars with hundreds of thousands of dollars. From this, we know that the meaning of aluminum is expensive, cutting-edge, and trendy. Use aluminum, environmental protection.  Automobile lightweighting has always been a subject for engineers to rack their brains. When aluminum alloy materials were found to be able to replace steel to make cars, allowing vehicles to achieve significant lightweight effects. To be honest, the engineers are ecstatic. People consider thinness to be beautiful, and cars also need to lose weight. Maybe you have a question: the car is light, and the car is not only unstable when driving, is it dangerous? Don't think that car designers are all pretty funny. The car is not that it cannot be heavy, but that it is too heavy and inappropriate. Moreover, there is no causal and inevitable relationship between vehicle weight and safety, and the important thing is the body structure.  Aluminum bodies are already popular.   At present, it is relatively expensive to make new cars all-aluminum bodies. However, the attractive weight reduction effect brought about by replacing iron with aluminum has never stopped since the birth of the automobile industry. All-aluminum engines, aluminum cylinder heads, aluminum control arms, and aluminum subframes are all successful cases of replacing iron with aluminum since the development of the automotive industry.  Although currently mass-produced cars made in China, including joint venture brands, rarely use all-aluminum bodies. However, many imported models, especially high-end imported models, have already used or will use all-aluminum bodies, which seems to be a trend. According to a survey by the automotive consulting agency Duckers, the use of aluminum for bicycles in North America, the European Union, and Japan is 47%, 24%, and 15% higher than that in China, respectively, and the use of aluminum for bicycles in Europe, the United States and Japan continues to grow. The hanging display of an XFL all-aluminum frame at the listing site has aroused widespread interest among car fans. This signal also tells everyone: all-aluminum bodies have appeared on more than 300,000 yuan domestic cars, and in the next few years, it will be applied to more than 100,000 yuan. It is not a surreal idea on the Yuan car.
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