Knowledge about aluminum alloy doors and windows

by:Zeyi     2021-09-20
1. Definition of aluminum alloy doors and windows    1. Aluminum alloy door: A door with frame and fan structure made of aluminum alloy architectural aluminum profiles.  2. Aluminum alloy window: A window with frame and fan structure made of aluminum alloy architectural aluminum profiles. Doors and windows are generally named model + functional form, such as: 60 series inwardly opened and inverted windows. The name of the door and window series is generally named after the width of the aluminum frame. 2. According to the functional form, there are:   1, sliding: including sliding windows, sliding doors, inverted sliding doors, lifting sliding doors;   2, flat opening: including internal flat opening, external flat opening, internal flat opening, internal inverted window, top hanging Windows, under-hung windows;   3, folding doors and windows;   3. Features of aluminum alloy doors and windows Compared with wooden decorative doors and windows, and ordinary open-web or solid-web steel doors and windows that are gradually eliminated, aluminum alloy doors and windows have outstanding performance, and their wind pressure strength performance, air Penetration performance, rainwater leakage performance, air sound insulation performance, heat insulation performance and opening and closing performance, etc., all meet the national standard requirements; and due to the characteristics of aluminum alloy material, its processing, aluminum profile assembly and product installation High precision can be achieved, which provides important and necessary conditions for the energy-saving design and use safety of the building envelope.  Four. Comparison of aluminum alloy windows and plastic steel windows   1. The difference in grade: domestic aluminum alloy thermal windows and plastic-steel windows are suitable for different building consumer groups. Statistics show that plastic-steel windows are suitable for general low-rise residential buildings. Consumers of this grade of products are often concerned about the product. The quality requirements are not very high, while high-performance thermal insulation aluminum alloy windows are suitable for buildings of various heights and grades, and the quality and life performance can withstand the test of high standards. 2. The difference in performance: the two have similar energy-saving effects; however, due to the difference in materials, plastic steel windows are prone to deformation after a period of use, and the sealing performance is not as good as high-performance aluminum alloy windows.  3. Difference in service life: Due to the large difference in material strength, elastic modulus and wear resistance, the service life of high-performance aluminum alloy windows is often longer than that of plastic steel windows.  4. The difference in price: Generally speaking, the price of high-performance aluminum alloy windows is usually higher than that of plastic steel windows. But in the long run, although the price of high-performance aluminum alloy windows is high, they have a long service life; while plastic steel windows are cheaper, but have a short service life. Therefore, the overall price ratio is comparable.   In summary, high-performance aluminum alloy windows have more competitive advantages.
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