Main advantages of aluminum formwork system

by:Zeyi     2021-06-27
Aluminum formwork (aluminum alloy formwork) is a building formwork made of aluminum alloy, which solves the defects of traditional formwork and greatly improves construction efficiency. The design, development and construction application of aluminum formwork is a major development in the construction industry. The largest application builder of aluminum formwork is Vanke, one of the leaders in the real estate industry, and almost all of Vanke's high-rise buildings specify the use of aluminum formwork systems. Then, the main advantages of the aluminum formwork system are:   1, advanced technical indicators 1, high bearing capacity, good stability, the overall bearing capacity can reach 60KN/㎡; u200bu200b  2, good concrete pouring quality, flatness and verticality indicators are much higher Wooden formwork;   3, the construction efficiency is high, and the time for disassembly and assembly of the formwork is much faster than that of the wooden formwork;   4, the whole floor is poured into a shape at one time, and the surface is smooth and clean, which can completely reach the level of plaster-free. 2. Outstanding economic benefits 1. It can be reused more than 500 times and has low amortization cost;   2, high construction efficiency, short construction period, saving time and cost;   3, basically no need for mechanical hoisting, the construction site is clean and tidy, and the management cost of civilized construction is low  4. The recycling value is high, and the residual value of the aluminum template is as high as 90% of the price of the aluminum ingot.  3. Significant social benefits  1. Energy saving and environmental protection, low carbon emission reduction, is a model of circular economy;  2, civilized construction, to avoid secondary pollution on the construction site;   3, significantly reduce the construction intensity and protect labor.   Aluminum profile manufacturers:
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