Major breakthroughs in energy-saving renovation technology for curtain wall maintenance

by:Zeyi     2022-02-05
Curtain wall maintenance and energy-saving reform techniques have achieved a major breakthrough. Curtain wall maintenance and energy-saving reform techniques have produced new results. In order to satisfy the existing construction reform requirements for energy saving, sound insulation, cost and convenience of reform, the ultra-thin glass technology, low-emissivity coating technology, warm edge hollow technology and interlayer technology are combined with multiple technology technologies, through a lot of research and follow-up. In the experiment, successfully launched the energy-saving noise reduction glass and micro-hollow energy-saving reform techniques for curtain wall maintenance and energy-saving reform, which made up for the gaps in the skills and utilization of similar products at home and abroad. After the reform, the energy consumption of the existing doors and windows is commensurate with the new construction, and the reform process does not affect the deformed utilization of users. Energy-saving and noise-reducing glass is used in the energy-saving reform of existing doors and windows (curtain wall) glass. It does not need to empty the on-site furniture or destroy any structure of the original doors and windows, and the construction period is short, the time schedule is mobile, and does not affect the user's daily life. life. The door and window curtain wall is composed of a panel and a supporting structure system (supporting device and supporting system), which can have a certain displacement capacity relative to the main structure or a certain deformation capacity by itself, and does not bear the effect of the main structure. The building curtain wall is composed of a supporting structure system and panels, which can have a certain displacement capacity relative to the main structure, and does not share the building envelope structure or decorative structure that the main structure is subjected to. The curtain wall is composed of a structural frame and inlaid panels, and is a building envelope structure that does not bear the load and role of the main structure. After the reform, the energy-saving function of door and window glass can be greatly promoted and the sound insulation function of glass can be improved. It is currently the best energy-saving reform plan for existing building door and window glass. It is reported that after using this technique to reform the original glass doors and windows, the scene of hot summer and cold winter can be significantly improved. The indoor temperature in the same period in summer can be reduced by 3 to 5 degrees Celsius, which can save more than 45% of air-conditioning power consumption; in the same period in winter, the indoor temperature will increase evenly. 3 to 5 degrees Celsius, can save more than 61% of heating energy consumption, energy-saving consequences are obvious. Even if the original glass is transparent hollow glass, the energy consumption reduction rate after the reform is still obvious. In summer, it can save more than 34% of air-conditioning power consumption, and in winter, it can save more than 41% of heating energy. The reform of energy-saving and noise-suppressing ultra-thin special glass is adopted. The sound insulation function of the rear glass is 5~7dB of falling noise, which can obviously restrain the noise and improve the quality of living. The breakthrough energy-saving reform technique of curtain wall panels is a breakthrough in the curtain wall maintenance industry, which reflects the progress and pursuit of my country's curtain wall energy-saving reform technique. Every brand-new technique contributes new support to my country's curtain wall repairs and energy-saving reforms.
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