Material cost of aluminum curtain wall (for reference only)

by:Zeyi     2021-10-05
The development of the market economy has promoted price competition in various industries, technological progress and improved service levels. If real estate and construction companies hope to gain a foothold in the fierce market competition, how to strengthen curtain wall construction management and material cost control has become an enhancement of commercial competition. The most fundamental means to improve market efficiency. However, curtain wall construction is a labor-intensive industry, and the cost increase of the project itself is a strict and cumbersome process. If you only focus on reducing costs and controlling the amount of the offer, then cost control may go astray. In fact, only a reasonable budget is the right approach. So, among the most widely used building curtain wall types, what is the cost composition of aluminum curtain walls? Aluminum panel curtain wall 01 Classification of aluminum panel curtain wall Aluminum panel curtain wall is generally divided into glued and sealed aluminum panel curtain wall and slotted aluminum panel curtain wall. 02 The cost of aluminum panel curtain wall composition The comprehensive unit price of general aluminum panel curtain wall is about 600~750 yuan/m2, such as Foshan Sanshui project, pedestrian street exterior decoration project, 2.5mm fluorocarbon sprayed aluminum veneer curtain wall comprehensive unit price: 609 yuan/m2. The comprehensive unit price of special-shaped aluminum curtain wall is about 800~1000 yuan/㎡, such as the Foshan Sanshui project, large commercial exterior project, using 2.5mm thick two-color printing fluorocarbon sprayed diamond-shaped aluminum veneer, height 1740mm, width 2860mm, bending length on each side 50mm; Comprehensive unit price of aluminum curtain wall: 858 yuan/㎡. General aluminum curtain wall cost composition, such as the exterior decoration project of Foshan Sanshui Pedestrian Street: aluminum panels account for about 40%; steel skeletons account for about 15%; production and installation account for about 21%; other material costs account for about 6%; management and profit , Regulation fees and taxes together account for about 18%. The cost composition of special-shaped aluminum curtain wall, such as the large commercial exterior project of Foshan Sanshui: aluminum plate accounts for about 57%; steel frame accounts for about 10%; production and installation account for about 13%; other material costs account for about 7%; management , Profits, regulatory fees and taxes together account for about 13%. 03 Cost analysis of the main material of aluminum plate: ordinary 2.5mm thick ordinary powder sprayed aluminum plate is about 200 yuan/㎡; 2.5mm thick ordinary fluorocarbon sprayed aluminum plate is about 220 yuan/㎡; bright colors (red, yellow, green, etc.) fluorocarbon spraying will increase by about 30 ~40 yuan/㎡. Special aluminum plate shapes, such as the Sanshui large commercial project in Foshan, adopt a large plate diamond pattern, 2.5mm thick two-color fluorocarbon spray, and the unit price of the main material: 430 yuan/㎡. 04 Steel frame main material cost analysis According to different specifications and sizes of aluminum panels, different curtain wall forms will be different. Generally, the steel content of aluminum curtain wall frames is about 16kg/m2. 05 Cost analysis of production and installation costs According to different specifications and sizes of aluminum panels, curtain wall forms Different, it will be different, the general aluminum curtain wall is about 120 yuan/㎡. At present, the use and application of building curtain walls are becoming more and more extensive. The material prices in this article are for reference only and deviate from market prices. This article is a preliminary discussion on the cost of building curtain walls based on your own engineering experience. It is expected that this will be beneficial for cost management outside the cost system.
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