Method for eliminating blistering and skinning on the surface of extruded aluminum profile

by:Zeyi     2021-08-13
The main reasons for foaming and skinning on the surface of extruded aluminum profiles are mentioned above. Just imagine that if the surface of the extruded aluminum profile is blistering and skinning, it is like watching the surface of a smooth profile. The mottled skin is simply unbearable. In order to reduce or even prevent this from happening, I would like to share with you some methods to eliminate blistering and skinning on the surface of extruded aluminum profiles:    1. Reasonably design the matching size of the extrusion cylinder and the extrusion gasket, and check the tool size frequently to ensure Meet the requirements, the squeeze tube should be repaired in time if it has a big belly, and the squeeze pad should not be out of tolerance;   2, the surface of the tools and ingots should be kept clean, smooth and dry;   3, when replacing the alloy, thoroughly clean the tube;   4, frequently check the equipment and Equipment to prevent excessive temperature and speed;   5. Strictly implement process regulations and various systems;   6, rationally design and manufacture tools and molds, and diversion holes.
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