Method for preventing aluminum profile extrusion blank from dragging black

by:Zeyi     2021-06-01
In order to prevent the black drag and slag inclusion problems of aluminum extrusion blanks, reduce scrap and increase the yield, the Aluminum Technology Department has conducted a lot of investigation work, and through long-term tracking, proposed to prevent aluminum extrusion blanks from dragging black, The methods for slag inclusion defects are as follows:   1, production process control:   1) After cutting the rod, use a duct to blow the dust on the aluminum rod, reduce the amount of coal ash carried in, and reduce the source of dragging black and slag;   2) pressure The excess thickness should be left enough. Too thin excess will lead the dead zone of the aluminum rod to be drawn into the end of the profile, causing black drag and slag inclusion;   3) The extrusion speed should be effectively controlled, especially the end should be decelerated to prevent Turbulent flow is involved in skin impurities;   4) Cylinder should be cleaned every period of production (at least every time the mold is changed);   2, equipment and device adjustment:   1) If the extrusion rod is not centered, the extrusion rod will wear out during its movement Material bladder will cause defects such as big belly and deformation; center position of mold base, top, bottom, left and right must be centered, it is strictly forbidden to move mold base for production, if the top and bottom are not centered, please contact machine repair for maintenance;    2) The size of the pressed cake should be checked regularly and replaced with a new one. For the curled squeeze cake, it will also cause black drag, slag inclusion and other scrap;    3) The long-term use of the bladder will cause deformation such as big belly, which will also cause batch scrap. This kind of scrap occurs in many productions and needs to be paid attention to. The new material bladder must remove the dirt in the bladder and polish the inner bladder before installation on the machine. 3. Adjustment of mold design and production plan:    1) For flat molds, such as PM series, a baffle plate is needed to divert the flow. This reduces the feed port and clamps the dead zone;    2) The bladder port must be sufficient Surrounding the mold shunt holes, the team leader must compare each set of molds. If the shunt holes are too large and cannot be produced on the machine, they must be converted to large-scale production;   3) When the production is planned, the mold must be opened according to the mold department. The original machine (the same rod diameter can be used universally) is planned, and there should be no molds for small rods to produce large rods.
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