Methods for preventing red frost on the surface of oxide film in industrial aluminum production enterprises

by:Zeyi     2021-05-05
The surface oxidation treatment of aluminum industry manufacturers may adhere to the deposited red layer, due to the accumulation of excessive fluid and iron oxide. The iron oxide with low solubility in concentrated alkaline solutions oxidizes and precipitates on the surface. You can take the following measures to prevent and eliminate this phenomenon. 1. Strictly manage and control the operating environment temperature of the blue solution. The temperature during the working process of the blue solution is determined according to the carbon content of the steel or the analysis of the main components of the alloy. In blue, the starting temperature and end temperature of the solution are relatively low, and the opposite is true when the carbon content or alloy steel content is low. When the steel parts of different product types are blue at the same time, we must pass the time staggered, and the high-carbon parts can be processed by the front groove first. When the treatment method reaches an end, the temperature of the solution also rises. This is exactly the temperature required to have a lower carbon content leading to part of the initial tank. In this way, students can effectively avoid red frost in enterprises. 2. Use secondary blue treatment. The specific method is as follows: First, treat each component in the solution with blue color, the working temperature is lower than about 15 minutes, then move to a solution slightly higher than the normal working temperature, continue to control the blue color for 40 to 60 minutes, the temperature is positive To the solution. At 130-135, the temperature of the second bath is controlled at 140-150 (different from the carbon content of the steel component). The workpiece forms a crystalline core in the front groove, and then continues to grow in the second groove, connecting them into blocks, thereby obtaining a dense and thick high corrosion resistance oxide film, which greatly reduces the appearance of red frost. 3. The increase of blue treatment in the parts cleaning step. After 5 minutes of the blue bath, remove the parts from the tank and rinse under the tap. At this time, due to the bonding surface of the newly formed part of the red frosting, it is thin and easy to be washed off, and when the blue color continues, there will be less red frosting. 4. Add potassium ferrocyanide to the blue solution. Since potassium ferric cyanide can compound with high-priced iron ions to form a Prussian blue precipitate, thereby reducing the content of iron ions in the solution and reducing the economic composition analysis surface problems appear to develop red cultural precipitation. This teaching method is slightly more expensive and a bit more expensive. Slightly toxic. 5. Strengthen the maintenance of the blue solution: Strengthening the maintenance of the blue solution is one of the more effective ways to prevent the occurrence of red frost. This is a root cure method.. With the high-valent iron ions in the blue solution With the increase, the red frost on the surface of the component is intensified to a certain extent. Therefore, when a certain amount of high-valent iron ions accumulate in the blue solution, cleaning is required. The specific method is as follows: First, add 1/4 of the original hot water to the blue solution, dilute and heat to boiling (at this time, the boiling temperature of the solution is about 120°C). After resting, suck the red sediment at the bottom of the sink out of the basin (after the sediment settles, the supernatant can be returned to the blue tank), concentrate or supplement the supernatant to meet the process requirements. The required formula mass concentration, the blue surface of the film will not appear red frosting. This approach needs to be taken frequently.
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