my country's aluminum processing industry has entered a stage of high-quality and efficient development

by:Zeyi     2022-01-20
According to reports, China’s first intelligent aluminum extrusion production line held a signing ceremony at Chongqing Chalco Sapa Aluminum Co., Ltd. on March 21. In another two and a half years (in my opinion, the same below) The 4.0-run 40MN extrusion production line will be born on the land of China, or it may be the first in the world, because there have not been reports of such a fantastic production line built in which country and which factory. The construction of the 40MN extruder aluminum extrusion intelligent production line has a milestone significance for the development of China's aluminum extrusion industry, and also has important enlightenment for my country's aluminum processing industry, marking the new era of aluminum processing industry has entered a new stage. At the end of the high-speed development stage, we have entered a stage of high-quality and efficient development. Now let's imagine what kind of scenario a (midstream) intelligent production line for intermediate extrusion products should look like. First of all, the entire production line should be commanded by voice control and digital buttons. As long as the inspection engineer shouts the production line name '30MN extruder, start producing No. 12 productThe process parameters of “No. 12 product” produce qualified products. If you want to change to “No. 15 product”, the inspection engineer only needs to say “30MN extruder, stop production of No. 12 product, and change to production No. 15” to the control screen. ProductThe cut waste and related waste will be in place and 'run' to where they should go by themselves, and the unloaded mold will 'run' to the mold cleaning room by itself. Or the patrol engineer is not in the control room and can give instructions with the microphone. The voice controller can recognize the voices of several inspectors, and the voices of others make it unheard. The second is that there is no operator in the entire production line, only one inspection engineer. He can watch the 'stars' flashing on the control screen in the control room, or patrol the workshop in a car or on a slide, or even in the factory building. Remote production in the control room is like controlling a spacecraft to travel in space.  The third is the substantial increase in labor productivity. For example, the production capacity of the traditional 40MN machine is only 10kt/a, and the production capacity of the intelligent production line with the same extrusion force should be at least 50kt/a. Of course, this has a lot to do with the product structure. Such a production line should also be able to identify certain defects in the production process and eliminate unqualified products. The waste will go to the place where it should go in time, and the mold will be automatically shipped from warehouse to heating to installation. To build an intelligent aluminum extrusion production line, the quality of the mold is very important. The life of the mold should be as long as possible to reduce the number of mold changes. The product batch should be large, and the small batch should not be produced on this production line. The alloy produced is best not to More than 5 kinds, and the product varieties and specifications that can be produced should preferably not exceed 15 kinds. The intelligence of heavy extruder should be cautious.   After the great development since the reform and opening up, China has not only become the world's largest aluminum extrusion industry, but also a primary power. From the output of 450kt in 1998 to 19500kt in 2017, the compound growth rate in 19 years reached 19.1%. In 2007, the output of China's extruded aluminum was more than 2000kt, surpassing that of the United States, thus leading the world. In 2017, there were about 832 aluminum extrusion companies in China, with about 3,800 extrusion presses, but there were too many extrusion presses less than 12MN, about 2280 units, accounting for about 60% of the total, and medium-sized extrusion presses with an extrusion force of 15MN~45MN The proportion of presses is a bit smaller, accounting for about 30%. This structure has obvious irrationality and needs to be improved. The improvement measures are: replace the small extruder with a medium-sized extruder and carry out the extrusion of the porous die. Of course, the construction of a smart medium-sized machine may be the most Best choice. In the structure of the extruder, the proportion of machines with an extruding force of less than 12MN should preferably not exceed 20%. The author believes that for a large aluminum extrusion country like China, 20 or 30 intelligent extrusion lines will be built before 2025, and 50 or 60 intelligent extrusion lines will be established before 2035, and there will be several intelligent extrusion lines. The pressing plant is completely feasible, and the intelligent extrusion is promising. ————The article comes from the Internet. If there is any infringement, please contact to delete it.
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