my country's demand for industrial aluminum profiles continues to increase

by:Zeyi     2021-08-15
China is a country with a large area and a large number of people, and there is a great demand for materials, especially in housing and transportation. Among them, the aluminum door and window industry, the demand for aluminum in the entire construction market is still increasing every year, and the aluminum production of these large and medium-sized enterprises is the biggest beneficiary of this market.  In the entire aluminum industry, the development of small industries in this industry has been hindered a lot. Mergers and acquisitions are unavoidable things these small companies will face.   1. Compared with other industries, the aluminum industry has a relatively small degree of product differentiation, so there is market competition or cost competitiveness in the next major aluminum industry.  2. With the expansion of aluminum production scale, the trend of industrial vertical integration has accelerated significantly, and some fast-growing high-quality enterprises will become the dominant force in market competition.  3. In order to grow into a large-scale, comprehensive enterprise with aluminum processing technology, brand, management and service as its main focus, it will grow its competitiveness.  4. The pace of my aluminum companies entering the international market will be further accelerated, especially in some coastal areas. Large enterprises that already have a good foundation to open up the international market and export aluminum, or are expected to grow rapidly.
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