New strategy for aluminum profile processing enterprises to win high-end market

by:Zeyi     2021-07-15
With the deepening of my country's One Belt One Road plan, the export of China's rail transit equipment has finally gone through three major changes: from parts exports to vehicle exports, from low-end products to high-end products, and from underdeveloped markets to developed markets. The world's top market has brought new opportunities for the development of the aluminum profile processing industry.     This is also the beginning of a new round of market competition, which means that domestic aluminum profile processing manufacturers will face more stringent challenges from the same industry in the world. Chalco accelerates to the world market. With the warm-up and further acceleration of the Belt and Road Initiative in Europe and Asia, China's high-speed rail has accelerated its pace of going global, providing new market space for the processing of high-end automotive aluminum products and reshaping China Manufacturing global competitiveness. Industry insiders said: In the process of national policy promotion and the development of the transportation industry toward energy conservation, environmental protection and light weight, with the further development of aluminum alloy and aluminum processing technology, aluminum is increasingly used in downstream applications such as transportation, mechanical equipment, and power engineering. It is becoming more and more popular, and the market potential is huge.  The Belt and Road Initiative provides a new opportunity for the development of the aluminum profile processing industry. Coupled with the increasing demand for environmental protection and lightweight, my country's high-end aluminum processing market will also become more and more broad.  High-end market competition: Quality upgrade is the key  In recent years, my country's aluminum processing industry has maintained a trend of rapid development. The 'Domestic and international aluminum extrusion market research report' shows that the domestic industrial aluminum profile profile industry still has a lot of room for development in high value-added fields, especially in the transportation field marked by energy saving, emission reduction and lightweight development. On the whole, the gross profit margin of deep-processed products is higher than that of other products.   However, my country's aluminum processing industry still has the characteristics of weak at both ends and in the middle, that is, the variety, quality, and output of aluminum deep-processing products with high added value and high technology content are seriously insufficient. In order to meet the demand for high-end products and deep-processed materials, the requirements for improving product quality will be more stringent.  Comprehensive energy-saving strategy enhances corporate competitiveness  How to achieve precise control while saving energy consumption is the key to ensuring product quality. Not making progress increases the product’s market competitiveness and creates greater profit margins for the company. In today's increasingly perfect servo technology, professional energy-saving transformation can fully meet the individual needs of profile manufacturers.
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