Operating procedures and precautions for industrial aluminum extrusion press

by:Zeyi     2021-04-22
First analyze from the process:   1. Before opening the aluminum extruder, ensure that there is no debris or oil on the equipment and the machine.   2. Prepare the raw materials according to the production requirements, and pour them into the trough according to the requirements of the ratio.    3. Check the power supply and confirm that the control cabinets are working normally.    1. The main engine of the industrial aluminum extrusion press can be divided into the following parts:   1. The transmission and extrusion system is completed by the main inverter controlling the frequency conversion speed regulation motor, which is passed to the screw step by step through the reduction box distribution box and the cross spline. The program and parameter values u200bu200binput in the inverter are completed in the factory. The time has been set and cannot be changed at will. 2. The heating and cooling system is composed of barrel heating and cooling, die head heating, and screw core heating and cooling. It is controlled by the electric cavity program. The Bu0026R temperature module is equipped with PID temperature control software to replace the traditional temperature control meter. The PID parameters are automatically optimized during the heating process. After the calculation is completed, the PID parameters are automatically assigned. You can also manually assign the PID parameters based on your own experience. The temperature control is accurate to ±℃. Its working principle is to give a temperature value such as 180℃ in the heating section of each zone, and the data is measured by the thermocouple. As the temperature gradually increases during heating, the heating frequency gradually decreases, and the heating time is gradually shortened. When ≥180°C, the area begins to cool and the fan starts to work. (Cooling is divided into air-cooling and oil-cooling.) When ≤180℃, it starts to heat again, repeating the cycle, and finally reaching equilibrium. The core temperature cooling is the same, except that the set temperature is lower at about 80°C, and heat is transferred through the heat transfer medium. When the temperature is ≤80°C, the core temperature heating tube is heated, and the oil pump is circulated to provide heat to the screw. When the temperature is ≥80℃, the water supply solenoid valve of the cooler is opened, and the oil is cooled by the cooler and circulated through the oil pump to take away the excess heat in the screw. On the basis of automatic control of barrel 2, 3, 4 and core temperature, there is also a manual forced cooling function to control the instantaneous temperature increase.  3. The automatic feeding system is controlled by a time relay or a level gauge to transmit signals. When the material is lacking, the level gauge transmits the signal and the system starts to feed. When the material is full, the level gauge signal is interrupted and the feeding stops.  4. The feeding system is also realized by the frequency converter controlling the frequency conversion speed regulating cycloidal pinwheel reducer. The ratio is adjusted according to the speed of the screw of the main machine. The current and torque of the main machine are directly affected by the amount of feed. The torque is reduced. Otherwise, it will increase. When the feed is too much, the actual current exceeds its rated current or the torque exceeds its set value, the host will overload and alarm and stop, generally controlled at 50%~80% of the rated value.   5. The vacuum exhaust system is completed by directly controlling the vacuum pump with a button. When the vacuum is opened, the solenoid valve opens, and when it is closed, the solenoid valve closes.   For industrial aluminum profile extrusion press products, all have their own design parameters, such as extrusion weight, extrusion volume, extruded metal, etc. Do not work beyond the product design parameters during extrusion operations. 1. Use a crane to hoist the pre-installed filter chamber in the preheating furnace to the filter chamber disassembly table to complete the thermal tightening.    2. Lift the thermally tightened filter chamber into the corresponding position of the melt filter, and heat balance after tightening 1 hour.  3. Open the air filter chamber bleed valve, slowly turn the handwheel at the inlet end.   4. When the pressure after filtration drops slightly, it means that the filter chamber starts to feed, stop turning the handwheel to ensure that the pressure after filtration does not change significantly Fluctuation.     5. When the bleed valve overflows the melt, screw the bleed valve tightly.     6. Slowly and evenly rotate the empty hand wheel at the same time (subject to no large fluctuations in the pressure after filtration) until it is switched to the position.     7. Observe whether all parts are leaking, and if there is no abnormality, cover the insulation board.    8. After working for 2 hours to confirm that the new filter chamber is not abnormal, suspend the air release valve of the filter chamber to be cleaned to release the residual pressure, and do not face it directly. Vent valve to prevent accidents.   9. Remove the filter chamber and disassemble it while it is hot.   10. Put the disassembled filter element into a special container, and lift it with the filter chamber body to the fluidized bed for cleaning.

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