Quality control method of industrial aluminum chromium modification technology

by:Zeyi     2022-01-26
In industrial production, quality control methods are a necessary condition to ensure product quality. Without quality control as a guarantee, product performance is on paper. In industrial aluminum profile chromium-free modification technology, quality control is the key. Next, we and Let's take a look at the quality control methods of industrial aluminum profile chromium modification technology. (1) Surface quality control of aluminum profile: Reasonably design the mold working belt, reduce the height of the work belt adhesion area, reduce friction, and increase the sliding area: by rationally designing the mold splitting area or split mold, improving the flow state of aluminum in the mold Reduce the impact of skin impurities on the surface quality of the profile: improve the nitriding process of the mold, increase the hardness of the mold working belt, and reduce the friction lines: optimize the extrusion process and reduce the defects caused by the process. (2) Automatic monitoring and feedback devices are used for surface modification treatment of profiles. Concentration and temperature monitoring devices and feedback devices are installed in pickling, alkali washing, chemical conversion, water washing, etc., and automatically added when the bath index exceeds the set range Medicine or water, to ensure that the concentration of the bath solution and the washing bath meet the set requirements. (3) The pure water washing tank is modified, and the aluminum profile after chemical conversion is cleaned by using 3 water washing methods. In order to ensure the cleaning quality, the overflow method is used to ensure that the purity of the final-line washing meets the set requirements. (4) Perform regular manual inspections on detection indicators such as bath concentration and pure water conductivity, train operators, and strictly surface modification processes to ensure stable quality. The above is the quality control method of industrial aluminum profile chromium modification technology to share with you. For more information, please pay attention to the official website!
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