Quality is a key factor in the price of aluminum profiles

by:Zeyi     2021-08-04
Industrial aluminum profiles have always been favored by users as a well-known brand in the industry, and the key lies in quality. From the aspects of aluminum material, tolerance requirements, surface technology, etc., the product line has been planned according to the high standards and strict requirements of the industry. For the various aluminum profile products that appear on the market, the quality is uneven and the price is different, how should customers choose? The editor can tell everyone very simply, look at the quality and look at the price/performance ratio.   Then, how to judge the quality?   Aluminum alloy is an alloy of aluminum, silicon, magnesium and other elements. Each element has a certain content standard. The price of magnesium is high, and some manufacturers reduce the amount of those high-priced elements to a minimum or below the standard range, and then save costs. Some manufacturers even mix scrap aluminum in the materials, sometimes it is estimated that they contain a lot of harmful ingredients, which are not 6063 or other brands at all. Finally, the mechanical strength of aluminum products is reduced, and the price difference is too large. It's strange. The various alloy content formulas of the regular manufacturers of aluminum alloys can ensure that the content of each element is within the specified range, and the requirements are very strict. Each has its own data and confidentiality between each other. Only qualified formula can guarantee the quality of the profile, otherwise no matter how it is processed, it will not be able to meet the requirements.  The casting of aluminum rods is also very important. Nowadays, the domestic melting furnaces are from the 1940s and 90s. There are the most primitive crucible furnaces, as well as various furnaces for burning coal, steam, oil, and electric heating. There are chimneys and chimneyless ones. Generally, no matter what kind of fuel, the general melting and casting furnace should be equipped with a chimney, otherwise the exhaust gas and slag will be dissolved into the molten aluminum and the slag inclusion in the steam drum cannot be avoided. Manufacturers with high product requirements should be equipped with homogenizing equipment to ensure uniform distribution of various trace elements during the melting and casting process, so that the quality of the final profile can be ensured.
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