Sealing the balcony is an important project during house decoration

by:Zeyi     2021-09-06
You may have a lot of questions about closing the balcony? Today, the editor and everyone will learn about the 7 most common questions about sealing the balcony:    Question 1: Is the balcony sealed or not?     balcony is sealed or unsealed, you can choose according to the actual situation and personal preference. But from the perspectives of safety, practicality, heat preservation, and rain protection, it is best to seal the balcony.     Question 2: When is the best time to close the balcony?    It is best to seal the balcony after March and before November. The weather is cold in winter and the glue is hard to dry.     Question 3: Which window is better for sealing the balcony? For    enclosed balcony, you can choose casement windows, sliding windows, and casement top-hung windows. However, for floors above 6 floors, it is not recommended to use external windows to avoid windows falling due to excessive wind and sand.     Question 4: What material is better for the windows of the balcony?    It is best to use windows made of broken bridge aluminum alloy profiles. Broken bridge windows have better heat and sound insulation performance, and are especially suitable for balcony use.     Question 5: If you use glass to seal the balcony, what kind of glass should you choose?     It is recommended to choose double-layer hollow tempered glass. This glass is double-layered to ensure its stability. Hollow means that there is a certain distance between two pieces of glass, which has good sound insulation effect.    , tempered glass is made of ordinary glass after high-temperature processing and cooling, and its hardness is twice that of ordinary glass. It is also called safety glass, because the toughened glass becomes granular and does not hurt people after it is broken.     Question 6: Do you stick the tiles or seal the balcony first?     Generally, the balcony is closed first. Since expansion screws need to be used to seal the balcony, it will damage the wall and other work, so it can be repaired when the tiles are applied later. However, for balconies with high outside and low inside, it is recommended to tiling tiles first, and repair this internal and external height situation when tiling.     Question 7: After closing the balcony, is there any restriction on the weight of the balcony?     Yes. Usually the load-bearing capacity per square meter does not exceed 400 kilograms, so it is necessary to understand its load-bearing capacity when decorating the balcony. The decoration and storage should not exceed its load, and minimize the heavy furniture to avoid danger.
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