Selection and application of cutting fluid for industrial aluminum and aluminum products processing

by:Zeyi     2021-04-28
With the rise of modern machinery manufacturing industries such as aviation, automobile industry, petrochemical industry and electronics, industrial aluminum metal processing has become very common. Therefore, the choice of cutting fluid for industrial aluminum processing is very important, and good lubricity, cooling, filtering and rust resistance must be guaranteed. Compared with most steel materials and cast iron materials, industrial aluminum materials have many obvious characteristics in terms of physical function: strength and hardness are much improved compared with pure aluminum, but compared with steel materials, the strength and hardness are low, the cutting force is small, and the thermal conductivity is good. In addition, the thermal expansion coefficient of industrial aluminum is large, and the heat of cutting can easily cause thermal deformation of the workpiece and reduce the processing accuracy. The choice of cutting fluid for industrial aluminum processing To sum up, the choice of cutting fluid for industrial aluminum processing is very important. It must ensure good lubricity, cooling, filterability and rust resistance. Therefore, it is used for industrial aluminum processing and cutting. The fluid is different from individual cutting fluids, so it is very necessary to choose a suitable cutting fluid. For finishing, choose emulsified anti-friction cutting fluid or low-viscosity cutting oil. profiles are classified according to their application fields. profiles refer to all aluminum profiles except for architectural doors and windows, curtain walls, indoor and outdoor decoration and aluminum profiles for architectural structures. For semi-finishing and rough machining, you can choose a low-concentration emulsified anti-friction cutting fluid or a semi-synthetic anti-friction cutting fluid with good cooling performance. For the grinding process, the grinding debris is very small, and a lot of heat will be generated during the grinding process. Therefore, when choosing a cutting fluid, it is necessary to consider not only the lubrication and cooling functions, but also the filterability of the cutting fluid. If the selected cutting fluid is too thick and the chips cannot be deposited or filtered out in time, it will scratch the workpiece as the cutting fluid returns to the processing area, thereby affecting the surface finish of the processing name. Therefore, use low-viscosity anti-friction grinding oil or semi-synthetic anti-friction cutting fluid for fine grinding or super-finishing. For semi-finishing or rough grinding, low-concentration semi-synthetic cutting fluid or fully synthetic cutting fluid can be selected. In the choice of cutting fluid, in addition to the lubricity, cooling and other functions of the cutting fluid, the rust resistance, cost and easy maintenance of the cutting fluid must also be considered. The cutting oil is easy to choose the base oil with an absolutely lower viscosity to add the anti-friction increasing agent, which can achieve lubrication and anti-friction, and may also have good cooling and easy filtering. Industrial profiles are melted and extruded to obtain different cross-sectional shapes Aluminum materials, but the proportion of the added alloy is different, the mechanical properties and application fields of the industrial aluminum profiles produced are also different. At the beginning, the commonly used water-based aluminum rust inhibitors were silicate and phosphate grease. For workpieces with a long storage time between processes, it is easy to choose cutting fluids with phosphate-based rust inhibitors during processing, because silicon materials and aluminum materials are long Time contact will cause corrosion to produce black; silicon spots;. The pH value of the cutting fluid is mostly maintained at 8-10. If the rust resistance is not good, the aluminum material is easily corroded under this alkaline premise. Therefore, the water-soluble cutting fluid must have good aluminum anti-rust function. Utilization and maintenance of cutting fluid for industrial aluminum processing The preparation and utilization of cutting fluid for industrial aluminum processing is basically the same as that of individual cutting fluids, but the choice of dilution water is more stringent. Because many ions in the water will have a corrosive effect on aluminum, if the content of these ions is too much, it will reduce the rust prevention function of the cutting fluid, especially in the process of rust prevention, such as chloride ions, sulfate ions and heavy metal ions. cutting fluid does not undergo dumping in the system and follows the storage time of new filling, which has a longer service life and reduces the consumption of cutting fluid, labor costs and equipment shutdown costs. Industrial profiles are melted and extruded to obtain aluminum materials with different cross-sectional shapes, but the proportion of the alloy added is different, and the mechanical properties and application fields of the industrial aluminum profiles produced are also different.
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