Selection of profiles for building a sun room

by:Zeyi     2021-08-12
The materials used to build the sun room at home are generally used: steel structure, aluminum alloy structure and broken bridge aluminum alloy structure. As the price of aluminum alloy structure and broken bridge aluminum alloy structure is slightly more expensive, some owners will choose steel structure to build the sun room. Although the steel structure is affordable, the effect is worrying when used. So, what is the difference between steel structure, aluminum alloy and broken bridge aluminum alloy profiles? Today, let’s compare these three profiles in terms of safety, lighting, sound insulation, waterproofing, energy saving, cost and shape. The difference between the sun room, look at which structure is the most cost-effective, the most suitable for the owner's residential use.  First, safety index comparison  For ordinary family sunrooms, steel, aluminum, and broken bridge aluminum can meet safety requirements in terms of load-bearing performance and wind resistance.   Large-scale sunrooms generally need to be built with steel structures, which have good load-bearing performance, but the safety performance of the three materials for small-scale sunrooms is basically evenly divided. Second, the daylighting index comparison. Theoretically, the main frame profile of the sun house does not have much influence on daylighting. Whether it is a sun room of steel structure, aluminum alloy or broken bridge aluminum, the sun room can be built into a glass roof, and the daylighting is good. .   When choosing the roof material of the sun room, if it is built into a color steel plate roof and tile roof, the daylighting performance will be compromised. Owners who like to enjoy the sun are recommended to choose a glass roof sun room.   Third, the sound insulation index comparison   The demarcation point between steel structure, aluminum alloy, and broken bridge aluminum is the living experience. In terms of sound insulation performance, the sound insulation of the steel structure sun room is lower than that of the aluminum alloy sun room, and the sound insulation of the aluminum alloy sun room is lower than that of the broken bridge aluminum sun room.   Fourth, the level of waterproofness is relatively    When the steel structure sun room is built, although it will be treated with rust prevention, after the rainy season, the surface of the material will still rust and leak. It is only a matter of time.  The performance of aluminum alloy and broken bridge aluminum materials is stable and maintenance-free, there is no rust problem, good sealing performance, and good waterproof effect.   Fifth, the energy-saving level is relatively    Steel structure sun room does not have thermal insulation, so the general steel structure sun room will appear serious in winter and hot in summer.  Although the thermal insulation performance of the aluminum alloy sun room is good, it is still not as good as the thermal insulation broken bridge aluminum material specially produced for thermal insulation.  The aluminum cavity of the thermal insulation broken bridge is filled with thermal insulation material, which has the effect of energy saving, so that the sun room is warm in winter and cool in summer and maintain a constant temperature.   Sixth, the cost index is relatively    owners who know a little about the sun room will first know the prices of the three. Steel structure is the cheapest, aluminum alloy is slightly more expensive, and broken bridge aluminum is more expensive.  Some sunrooms are cheaper during decoration, and the more they are used, the more expensive they are. For example, steel structure sunrooms. This kind of post-repair and maintenance cost is unexpected. And some sunrooms are slightly more expensive to decorate, and the more you use them, the cheaper they are. Like aluminum alloys and broken bridge aluminum, they have superior maintenance-free performance and can give people a comfortable enjoyment.   Seventh, the shape index is relatively   The steel structure sun room is suitable for slightly large-span places. In some smaller spaces, the shape of aluminum alloy and broken bridge aluminum cannot be refined. In addition, the steel structure will also affect the appearance due to welding points.  Aluminum alloy and broken bridge aluminum are suitable for small-span spaces, with beautiful overall appearance, reasonable structure, and various surface texture colors, which can meet the needs of customers with various preferences. Summary: Although the steel structure has good load-bearing performance, it still has many shortcomings. It is not difficult to see that the cost performance of the broken bridge aluminum sun room and aluminum alloy sun room is relatively higher. For owners who want to build a sun room, It is recommended to build a sun room of these two materials.
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