Several factors related to the selection of industrial aluminum profiles

by:Zeyi     2021-11-26
Hardness: Many customers are very concerned when buying aluminum, and the hardness of the first choice is directly related to the chemical composition of the alloy. Secondly, different conditions also have a greater impact. Judging from the highest hardness that can be achieved, the 7 series, the 2 series, the 4 series, the 6 series, the 5 series, the 3 series, and the 1 series decrease in order. Corrosion resistance: Corrosion resistance includes functions such as chemical corrosion and stress corrosion resistance. Generally speaking, pure aluminum of series 1 has the best corrosion resistance, series 5 performs well, followed by series 3 and 6, and series 2 and 7 are inferior. The selection criteria for corrosion resistance should be determined according to its application. For high-strength alloys to be used in a corrosive environment, it is necessary to use a variety of composite materials for corrosion protection. Weldability: Most of the aluminum alloys have no problems with the weldability, especially some 5 series aluminum alloys, which are specially designed for welding considerations. On the contrary, some 2 series and 7 series aluminum alloys are difficult to weld. Decoration function: When aluminum is used for decoration or some specific occasions, its surface needs to be processed by anodizing, painting, etc. to obtain the corresponding color and surface arrangement. At this time, its decoration should be considered, generally In other words, materials with better corrosion resistance have excellent anodizing, surface treatment, and coating functions.
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