Six directions for the development of my country's aluminum industry in the future

by:Zeyi     2021-08-09
1. Implementation of energy saving and emission reduction Adopt advanced and applicable new cathode structure aluminum electric technology, advanced and applicable alumina energy-saving technology and advanced aluminum processing technology, carry out technological transformation of existing electrolytic aluminum, alumina and aluminum processing production capacity, and improve industrial technology Equipment level, reduce material consumption and energy consumption, increase variety, and improve quality.  2. Development of high-precision products   Relying on advantageous enterprises, industrial clusters and major projects, actively promote the industrialization of new technologies and large-scale manufacturing. Focus on the development of aerospace aluminum alloy medium and thick plates, high-performance aluminum alloy semi-solid billets and parts, turbine engine pressure impeller materials, 6 series automotive aluminum alloy plates, 2 series aluminum alloys, 7 series aluminum alloys, aluminum-lithium alloys, and cryogenic Aluminum alloy plates for equipment, large aluminum materials for high-speed trains and freight trains, weldable aluminum alloy sheets, ultra-high purity aluminum, high-voltage anode aluminum foil and deep processing projects. High-precision aluminum processing products are the direction that China's major aluminum manufacturers are currently focusing on.  3. Development of aluminum ore resources   Through the exploration and development of domestic and foreign resources, effectively increase domestic resource reserves and overseas equity resources. Speed u200bu200bup the construction of overseas aluminum ore supply bases, ease the pressure on domestic aluminum ore supply, break the monopoly of international aluminum ore resources, solve the supply bottleneck of aluminum ore resources, and maintain the sustainable development of China's aluminum industry.  Four. Promote circular economy   Follow the concept of circular economy, promote clean production, control the generation and discharge of pollutants from the source and the whole process, and reduce resource consumption. Strengthen the comprehensive utilization of red mud, waste lining of electrolytic cells and high-aluminum coal resources, and improve the level of comprehensive utilization of resources. Improve the recycling system of renewable resources and promote the large-scale and efficient use of renewable resources. 5. The one-off resources such as bauxite mines and coal mines supporting the aluminum industry are scarce or non-renewable. The focus of strategic competition or control will undoubtedly be on the reserve, integration, deployment, and availability of strategic resources. Order development and efficient utilization. In a situation where domestic resources are scarce, market competition is becoming increasingly fierce and saturated, it is necessary to implement the'going out' strategy, aiming at countries and regions that currently have no policy restrictions, relatively weak production technology, and relatively rich bauxite resources. Directly or indirectly control its bauxite resources, and expand overseas markets through overseas plant construction or EPC general contracting. 6. Accelerate innovation and product upgrades. According to the aluminum industry’s “Twelfth Five-Year Plan”, the comprehensive power consumption of aluminum ingots at the end of the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” will be reduced to less than 13,300 kWh/ton. Under the double extrusion, technological innovation in the aluminum industry will usher in a new peak of development. In the long run, the direction of technological innovation mainly revolves around the following aspects: green smelting technology with low carbon, low energy consumption, low pollution, long life and high efficiency, localization and intelligentization of key aluminum equipment, intermediate products, auxiliary products and Recycling and efficient use of waste, the industrialization of substitutes for bauxite, and the development of high-strength and high-damage-tolerant aluminum alloy materials.
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