Six directions for the future development of my country's aluminum industry

by:Zeyi     2021-08-15
In the process of national policy promotion and the development of the transportation industry toward energy conservation, environmental protection and light weight, with the further development of aluminum alloy and aluminum processing technology, aluminum is becoming more and more popular in downstream applications such as transportation, mechanical equipment, and power engineering. The market potential is huge.   China's high-speed rail going to the world brings new cakes to leading domestic aluminum companies.   The high-speed rail industry represents the level of high-end manufacturing in a country. China's high-speed rail going abroad means that the global market has affirmed China's manufacturing. For example, domestic aluminum extrusion products companies, with strong technology research and development and product production capabilities, may usher in more development opportunities and market space.  Automotive aluminum materials will show explosive growth. The prospects are promising.   is committed to product research and development, realizes product differentiation by improving technical content, and continues to expand profitability. Automobile lightweight has become a development trend: the market for aluminum strips for body use has increased. For more than 100 years, the development of the automobile industry has been closely related to the application of aluminum alloys, and the prosperity of the automobile manufacturing industry is driving the growth of aluminum consumption. Aluminum alloy is the most high-quality metal material for saving energy consumption, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, improving transportation efficiency, and maintaining road safety. It is bound to play an increasingly important value in the automobile manufacturing industry and usher in a stronger development momentum. .
The global market was valued at aluminum extrusion rail in aluminum window profile manufacturers and is expected to reach a market value of aluminum extrusion rail by aluminum window profile manufacturers, with a CAGR of aluminum extrusion rail during the forecast period.
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