So how should we distinguish between true and false broken aluminum doors and windows?

by:Zeyi     2021-11-04
At present, for door and window consumers, in addition to price and quality, the most common question is that broken bridge aluminum doors and windows will buy fake? The answer is yes, then how should we distinguish between true and false bridge aluminum doors and windows? Look at the insulation tape The insulation tape is the core of the broken aluminum doors and windows. Whether the doors and windows are insulated has a great relationship with the insulation. At present, many domestic broken bridge aluminum doors and windows use imported PA66GF insulation tape. This kind of insulation tape generally presents a black luster, and the insulation tape will be marked with the merchant’s product specifications, production batch number and laser code every 60 cm or so. The most important thing is that the surface of these insulating tapes is very smooth, there are no compression holes, and it will not loosen. If you observe it in the light, the surface will also have a mineral-specific luster. These are the unique characteristics of imported insulating tape. When choosing colors, you should carefully observe the surface contours of the broken aluminum doors and windows. The color of the doors and windows should be the same. If spots or trachoma appear on the surface of the profile at this time, the broken aluminum doors and windows must be unqualified. Under normal circumstances, the real This is not the case for manufacturers of aluminum doors and windows. Look at that seal strip. Would anyone say that the seals are different? How can you see that there is a certain difference between the real sealing tape for broken aluminum doors and windows and the false sealing tape. The material used for the real sealing tape is EPDM rubber gel. This is a good difference. There is a sealing tape where the doors and windows are closed, just need to be carefully identified. Listening to the sound. When we buy doors and windows, we must get used to knocking on the wall of the window, but we often don’t pay attention to the echo. In fact, the echo is also the basis for judgment. If the echo of the real broken aluminum door and window is very small, the knocking sound will be particularly dull; if it is Fake broken bridge aluminum doors and windows, that is, ordinary aluminum alloy doors and windows, the echo is particularly loud, because the structure of the broken bridge aluminum doors and windows is stepped, and there is a layer of sound insulation material, so the sound is particularly low, but if it is fake, the sound is not that way Up. Check out these accessories. When buying doors and windows, there must be no hardware accessories. The five accessories of broken bridge aluminum doors and windows look smooth, thick and heavy. The hardware of this material uses high-quality aluminum profiles, which are better in appearance and quality. Look at the corners of doors and windows. Generally speaking, many people will not pay attention to this part, but this part is often easy to distinguish a place. The corners of some false bridge aluminum doors and windows will appear particularly not smooth, which is caused by the processing failure of fake and shoddy manufacturers. of. The treatment of any part of the real broken bridge aluminum doors and windows is very in place, because the regular manufacturers are very strong in technology and processing equipment, and pay more attention to the appearance of the doors and windows. After reading these, I believe you have understood how to deal with these problems. These are the most convenient and practical methods when buying broken aluminum doors and windows. I hope they can bring you simple help.
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