South Korea has developed a catalyst for the synthesis of alumina and copper nanostructures

by:Zeyi     2021-04-25
Recently, the research team of Professor Pei Zongyu (transliteration) of Sungkyunkwan University in South Korea has successfully developed a chemical process that uses alumina and copper to prepare nano-structured synthesis catalysts, which can extract useful petrochemical intermediates from carbon dioxide-2 jia ether. It is understood that the preparation of intermediates such as methanol and dijia ether from carbon dioxide can synthesize and produce different petrochemical raw materials. Today, when petroleum resources are increasingly depleted and the global warming is accelerating, the comprehensive recycling of carbon dioxide can be realized.   In fact, there have been technologies that have realized the preparation of intermediate catalysts such as methanol and dijia ether from carbon dioxide. However, the catalytic efficiency is obviously low due to the prone to deactivation of the catalyst. The nano-structured synthesis catalyst made of aluminum and copper can improve the thermodynamic stability of copper due to the regular distribution of 5nm~8nm pores on the alumina, and it can also ensure the high efficiency and stability of the catalyst under high temperature and high pressure reaction conditions. . It is worth mentioning that by adding calcium or zinc oxides to the catalyst, the conversion rate of carbon dioxide can be increased by more than 30%.  Professor Pei Zongyu said that the new high-efficiency catalytic technology developed by this research can efficiently convert greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide. It is expected to become a basic technology for clean energy and synthetic petrochemical intermediates in the future. The results are of great significance.   In addition, the research team also plans to prepare a medium-sized porous alumina or zeolite catalyst with stable structure in the next step, and synthesize basic petrochemical components, such as alkene, ben, ben, butene, etc., from dijia ether. The research has been supported by the Korean Ministry of Information and Communications Technology and the C1 Gas Pipeline Project of the Korean Research Foundation. The research results are published in the authoritative international magazine 'ACS Catalysis' in the field of chemistry. Information source: China Nonferrous Metals News Image source: Internet
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