Special-shaped aluminum profile opening mold customization process

by:Zeyi     2021-07-09
alloy profile is a profile obtained by heating and extruding aluminum ingots, and it is widely used in industrial production. Although the overall performance of industrial aluminum profile is very good, there are still many problems in the practical application of industrial production. The most prominent problem is that it cannot fully meet the needs of use. At this time, it needs to be customized. , This is the customized aluminum profile mold opening, then the customized aluminum profile mold opening process? The customized profile mold opening process: 1. Confirm requirements: Confirm with the user whether mold opening is required, and whether there are samples or drawings; 2. Confirm Drawings: Draw drawings and CAD drawings according to the customer's drawings, samples, and actual use requirements, and then both parties sign to confirm that the drawings are correct; 3. Confirm the mold: According to the drawings, the manufacturer will process, first make a sample for testing and confirm with the customer; 4 , Extrusion production: After the samples are confirmed to be correct, mass production, to complete the customer's order; the cycle of profile opening and customization will generally be relatively long, about 7-15 days.
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