Specification and model of aluminum profile for melt blown cloth winder

by:Zeyi     2021-07-05
What kind of equipment is 'hot' in 2020, mask machine is definitely the top three, and melt blown machine is one of them. Everyone may be familiar with the mask machine, but relatively unfamiliar with the melt blown machine. The melt blown machine is also called the melt blown cloth production line, which is used to produce the melt blown cloth, which is the raw material for making masks, and consists of multiple parts. One part of the melt blown machine is the part of the melt blown cloth winder. This part needs to be load-bearing, stable, durable, environmentally friendly and sanitary, so it is mostly made of industrial aluminum profile profiles on the market. Here is a discussion with you about the specifications and models of aluminum profiles used in the melt blown cloth winder. Because the melt blown cloth winding frame needs to bear the load and winding of the melt blown cloth material, it needs a certain load-bearing capacity. Therefore, the smaller aluminum profile is not suitable. Generally, the 4040 with higher load-bearing requirements is selected. Aluminum profile and 5050 aluminum profile, 50100 aluminum profile series. Among them, the latter two are used more frequently. The 5050 aluminum profile and the 50100 aluminum profile are both European standard profiles, and both have light-duty and heavy-duty points. The light profile has a slightly weaker load-bearing capacity, while the heavy profile has a better load-bearing capacity. But if the latter are used, the cost of the enterprise will rise. Therefore, it is generally recommended to use the two together. Heavy-duty profiles can be used for parts with higher load-bearing requirements, and light-duty profiles can be used for parts with lower load-bearing requirements of the frame. The above are the specifications and models of aluminum profiles commonly used in melt blown cloth winding frames. I hope it can help you.
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