Specification and size of aluminum profile roller conveyor line

by:Zeyi     2021-05-26
The aluminum profile roller line is a kind of conveyor line, which mainly transports materials on the bottom plane, such as cartons, tool cabinets and so on. Commonly used in logistics and warehousing, food, cosmetics and other industries. It has the characteristics of large transportation volume, high speed, and the ability to realize multi-variety co-line shunting transportation, which is deeply loved by major factories. So what are the specifications and dimensions of the aluminum profile roller conveyor line? The following is a specific explanation. The roller conveyor line is mainly composed of transmission rollers, racks, brackets, driving devices and other parts. Among them, the frame and bracket are built with aluminum profiles. It can be assembled directly with accessories without welding. It is more convenient, has a short construction period, and can be put into use quickly. Moreover, the support strength of the profile is about the same as that of stainless steel, and the weight is much lighter than that of stainless steel. It is also more convenient to transport. The profile specifications used in the roller conveyor line need to be flexibly selected according to production needs. Different load-bearing requirements, different styles and structures will affect the selection of profile specifications. There are 4040 and 4080 series of profile specifications commonly used, including 4040 light profile, 4040 right angle profile, 4040 heavy profile, 4040 standard profile, national standard 4040 profile, 4080 light profile, 4080 heavy profile, national standard 4080 profile, etc. These specifications can basically adapt to production needs. If the items transported by the roller line are bulk goods or items of relatively large quality, large-size profiles must be selected for construction. For example, 5050 profile, 6060 profile, 8080 profile, 9090 profile, 100100 profile, 120120 profile, etc., the load-bearing capacity can reach more than 3500 kg. The factors affecting the selection of aluminum profile drum line are: load-bearing and overall structure. These require the customer and the technical personnel of the profile manufacturer to connect and draw the three-dimensional drawings before determining the specific profile specifications to be used. The above is the content of the specifications and dimensions of the aluminum profile roller conveyor line. If you don't know how to choose the type, you can come to consult. Aluminum profile manufacturers for 16 years, welcome to consult.
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