Standard for aluminum profile frame of custom mask machine

by:Zeyi     2021-09-04
Presumably, many aluminum manufacturers are now in full swing manufacturing customized aluminum frame for mask machines, and the same is true. Today, I will share with everyone what are the standards for manufacturing custom-made mask machine aluminum frame. Sharing these is to let everyone know about the aluminum profile frame.  Aluminum frame for mask machine    As shown in the above figure, it is an aluminum frame for mask machine. All are assembled with aluminum alloy profiles and aluminum profile accessories. It is made of 4080 aluminum alloy profile and related accessories (corner, bolt and nut...) of the 40 series, which is very firm. This frame is only the semi-finished product processing of the mask machine, because a mask machine not only needs this frame, but also a conveying system and a mechanical system. There are 3 standards for manufacturing custom-made mask machine aluminum profile frames: First, all aluminum alloy profiles must be made without scrap aluminum; secondly, aluminum alloy profiles are precision cut, and the error value cannot be +-0.3mm ; Finally, in the case of assembling, make sure that every fitting and profile is tightly seamed, and there can be no too large gaps, and it must be firm. With these three standards, the aluminum profile frame of the mask machine must meet the manufacturing standards. In addition to the above three standards, overall planning and standards have also been made for the production process, delivery date and after-sales service. Sixteen years of reputation and reputation cannot be lost because of the details. We will always be serious about making aluminum alloy profiles!
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