Standing on the vent, aluminum profile companies can also play with the Internet+

by:Zeyi     2021-05-02
In recent years, with the rapid rise of the Internet, people's life trajectory has quietly changed, and they can enjoy various commodities without going out. This has had a great impact on the traditional home building materials industry. 'Standing on the tuyere, pigs can fly to the skySo, what kind of attitude should the traditional aluminum profile industry embrace Internet+?     Compared with the traditional aluminum profile sales model, online sales saves a lot of intermediate channels and links, shortens the time from production to sales, and improves the efficiency and experience of the entire production, consumption, and use. The cooperation between e-commerce producers and sellers has become more efficient, and more market information can be obtained through Internet channels and market needs can be understood. With the rapid development of e-commerce, it is gradually changing our way of life, and the sales of traditional industries are being diverted by e-commerce channels.     However, many traditional companies are still in the wait-and-see stage for e-commerce, because the nature of the industry restricts many business owners. Take industrial aluminum profile as an example. This is a professional market. Unlike ordinary commodity brands, which can be known and recognized by consumers, the customers of industrial aluminum profile are mainly in the industrial field. This demand is not popular. Moreover, traditional companies have insufficient experience in website management, online business, and online brand building, which has gradually become a stumbling block that hinders the overall development of the aluminum industry’s marketing; secondly, local companies have low awareness of Internet platforms. The recognition of the refund of after-sales tailings is relatively low, and it has always stayed in the traditional channel-spot cash. At the same time, logistics is also a major difficulty. Due to the difference in aluminum profile thickness, width, and packaging, the loss caused during transportation is more than The production cost is higher, which will also become a relatively big obstacle to the full development of the Internet!     In addition to online transactions through the Internet channels, we can change our thinking, in fact, we can use e-commerce to attract traffic and shape the corporate brand image. For small and medium-sized enterprises, they can choose to settle in some large-scale third-party platforms and open online stores through online shopping malls such as Taobao and Jingdong to achieve the purpose of promoting and selling corporate products and services. The platform has high traffic and high purpose customers It will bring more potential sales opportunities to enterprises. This method has the advantages of low investment, high efficiency and speed, and is suitable for industrial aluminum profile fittings enterprises. For companies with large scale and strong strength, in addition to choosing third-party platforms to cooperate, they can build their own online shopping malls, through investment of funds, recruit professionals in the industry such as technology and operations, set up a dedicated e-commerce department, and be responsible for online transactions The construction and operation of the platform. It can better establish a brand image and have a more profound impact on the company's product and service promotion. For aluminum profile companies, to provide consumers with highly targeted and personalized products and allow more consumers to accept the online shopping model of industrial materials, companies must work hard on 'how to highlight the advantages of e-commerce' to help the Internet. The store develops unique products, which is the focus of avoiding being eliminated by the times. The new e-commerce development model will provide new ideas and new thinking for the traditional model, and will also determine the future building materials sales model in my country and even the world. Perhaps a new era of brand aluminum online shopping is being opened.
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