Structural characteristics of aluminum profile workbench

by:Zeyi     2021-06-08
The aluminum profile workbench refers to the workbench made of aluminum profile, which is assembled and manufactured according to the site and usage conditions. It is widely used in enterprise factories, exhibitions, offices, storage, display, industrial applications, anti-static workshops, hospitals, clean rooms, kitchen engineering facilities and other places. So what are the structural characteristics of the aluminum profile workbench? 1. The aluminum profile workbench is easy to assemble and has high strength, which can make the work table bear the rated weight. According to the load-bearing difference, it can be divided into light, medium and heavy work tables; 2. Work desks of different materials; 3 .After installing the tool cabinet, the space can be used more reasonably, with tool cabinets and spare parts; 4. If you choose a suitable desktop, you can directly install a vise on the work table, which is suitable for fitter work; 5. The work table can be installed and hung. Plates, electrical panels, lamp top plates, pulley rods, sheds and other desk components; 6. Aluminum profile workbench frame is made of assembled aluminum, with lamp stands on the table, which can be assembled into production lines, assembly lines, and overhaul tables; 7. Aluminum The table top of the workbench is made of wood padded rubber pads; the aluminum profile workbench is light, flexible, durable, beautiful in appearance, and has a heavy load bearing capacity. It can be equipped with a variety of requirements such as lamp holders, daylights, drawers, and sockets. , A4 Kanban and other usage requirements. It should be assembled and manufactured according to the site and usage.
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