Summary of deep processing procedures for industrial aluminum profiles

by:Zeyi     2021-07-27
Aluminum profiles are favored by many automation industries and machinery and equipment manufacturers due to their diverse specifications, good performance, and applicability. So do you know what are the deep processing procedures of industrial aluminum profiles? Today, industrial aluminum profile manufacturers explain to you what are the processing procedures of industrial aluminum profiles. 1. The preliminary process for deep processing of industrial aluminum profiles includes rolling, extrusion, stretching, forging and other steps. These steps extrude the raw aluminum rods into industrial aluminum profiles with different cross-sections. 2. The extruded industrial aluminum profile profile requires cutting, bending, stamping, surface treatment and other processes. These processes can form an oxide film on the surface of the industrial aluminum profile, which can improve the chemical and mechanical properties of the industrial aluminum profile. 3. The surface-treated industrial aluminum profiles need to undergo a series of precision machining on the profiles by CNC or special machine tools, welding and other equipment. 4. After all the above steps are completed, anodized industrial aluminum profile profiles with a length of 6 meters per branch can generally be obtained. At this time, the industrial aluminum profiles can be further processed according to the user's own needs. Such as customized length, corner cutting, punching and tapping, assembly equipment aluminum frame hood, etc. 5. The principle of deep processing of industrial aluminum profiles is: the more accurate the better, the saw blade for deep processing needs to be grinded, and after the cutting is completed, the aluminum chips generated during the processing need to be cleaned. Metal Products Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the wholesale and retail of industrial aluminum profiles and aluminum profile accessories and connectors, and undertakes industrial aluminum profile design and mold opening, non-standard customization, and deep processing assembly services. Non-standard profiles can be customized on demand, and industrial aluminum profile extension products can be customized on demand, such as aluminum profile frames, aluminum profile brackets, automated assembly line workbenches, equipment hoods, safety fence shields, etc.
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