Surface treatment of aluminum

by:Zeyi     2021-06-06
For many years, the surface treatment of aluminum has been anodic oxidation. In order to achieve a strong oxide film and a shiny color, domestic and foreign aluminum alloy grades were carefully selected for aluminum alloy door and window profiles, and finally 6063 alloy (LD31 in China) was selected. The characteristics of this alloy are: good extrusion performance (easy extrusion), medium strength, the key is good oxidation performance, which can give aluminum alloy doors and windows profiles a good decorative surface. Mainly manifested in: the oxide film is easy to be born and has high firmness; the oxide film thickness and chromatic aberration can be controlled, and the coloring adhesion is strong and shiny. However, the oxidation coloring color is only white and bronze, and the color is relatively monotonous. Because the oxidation production process puts the aluminum in the oxidation tank for cleaning, oxidation, coloring and sealing. The bath liquid is made up of a variety of chemical elements. Each time a batch of aluminum is oxidized, the chemical composition in the bath changes. Therefore, the bath liquid has a variable value. The aluminum material that is colored by oxidation always has a color difference. It is not obvious when placed with the naked eye. If put together in a large area, the color difference will be very obvious. Therefore, the surface of aluminum veneer curtain wall must not be anodized. Otherwise, buildings with such aluminum veneer curtain walls will be very ugly.  The generation of electrostatic spraying solves the surface treatment of the curtain wall aluminum veneer, which not only reduces the chromatic aberration, but also obtains aluminum panels of various colors. Electrostatic spraying is divided into powder spraying and fluorocarbon spraying. The raw materials of powder spraying are: polyurethane, polyurethane resin, epoxy resin, hydroxy polyester resin and epoxy/polyester resin, which can be formulated in a variety of colors. The characteristics of powder spraying: spraying equipment is manual, automatic suspension, simple construction, coating thickness of 30 microns or more, impact resistance, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, weather resistance, etc., the coating price is cheaper than fluorocarbon . The biggest weakness of powder spraying is that it is afraid of ultraviolet rays from the sun. Long-term exposure will cause natural fading. The color difference between the sun-facing and non-sun-facing sides of the aluminum plate will be obvious after a few years, generally 2-5 years. Nowadays, colored aluminum profiles appear on the market, which are used for aluminum alloy doors and windows and are sprayed with ordinary aluminum profile powder. Increase the variety of colors of aluminum doors and windows, and also enhance the corrosion resistance.   Another type of electrostatic spraying is liquid spraying, also known as fluorocarbon spraying, and it is called curium oil in Hong Kong. It belongs to high-grade spraying, the price is relatively high, and it has been used in foreign countries. In the past two years in China, it has only begun to be used in large areas for aluminum veneer curtain walls. Due to its excellent characteristics, it has attracted more and more attention and favor from the construction industry and users. Fluorocarbon spraying has excellent fading resistance, frost resistance, atmospheric pollution (acid rain, etc.) corrosion resistance, strong UV resistance, strong crack resistance, and ability to withstand harsh weather conditions, which is beyond the reach of general coatings.   For any product, the advanced and backward manufacturing equipment is of course the product quality is important. However, many people tend to take the equipment too seriously. It seems that as long as the equipment is good, good products can be produced. This is not the case. Technical software is more important. There are no high-level technical staff, skilled workers, and only good equipment can not produce. A good product, just like a driver with low driving skills, driving a BMW car, will also have an accident. Fluorocarbon spraying is extremely technical. For the new spraying lines in China, formal debugging can take 2-3 months, but some debugging is not good for half a year or even longer. This does not indicate the technical experience. importance. Recently, it happened that the engineering drawings were cheap, and a newly opened spraying factory was sprayed with nearly 1,000 square meters of aluminum plates. The result was that the color difference was large, the film thickness was uneven, and only a small part could be used, which seriously affected the delivery date of the curtain wall. When choosing a spraying plant, not only the advanced level of the equipment, but also the technical staff's conditions and experience should also be considered, that is to say, the software should also be valued, not just cheap. In short: Fluorocarbon spraying is a relatively new product in our country. We need to understand and be familiar with it in order to use it correctly. For some new spraying lines in my country, we must first improve technology, sum up experience, and develop fluorocarbon spraying steadily. cause. At present, there are more than 30 spraying lines in the country, and the annual spraying area has exceeded 4 million square meters. Supply exceeds demand, do not repeat the fluorocarbon spraying line for a short time.
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