The design concept of aluminum profile workbench

by:Zeyi     2021-06-08
Workbenches are needed in many places in industrial production. Nowadays, the more popular workbenches are made of aluminum profiles. We call them aluminum profile workbenches. The structure of the aluminum profile workbench is very stable, the weight is very light, and the flexibility is strong, so it can play a great role in various types of work. The following editor will talk about the design concept of the aluminum profile workbench. 1. Operators have different body types. In order to allow operators of various body types to adapt to the use of aluminum workbenches, it is necessary to adopt a height-adjustable structure to expand the use of occasions. 2. Seats and backrests designed with composite ergonomic principles are also issues that need to be considered when designing aluminum workbenches, so that employees can work in a more comfortable state. 3. The placement and accommodation positions of the tools of each part need to consider whether the human body is easy to get, and the location of each storage place should be as close as possible to ensure that the operator's arm can move upward in an arc. 4. The aluminum profile workbench needs to be provided with a large enough operating space, so that the operator's hand and forehead can have enough positions for operation. 5. The design has a good lighting structure. The baffle of the aluminum profile workbench will not block the illumination light as much as possible, which will affect the eyesight of the operator. It is not an easy task to design a qualified and practical aluminum profile workbench. When designing, you can imagine yourself as an operator, and then adjust it according to your actual use. The processed aluminum profile workbench has various styles, which can be customized according to your actual needs. You are welcome to come and buy!
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