The difference between aluminum profile processing and aluminum processing

by:Zeyi     2021-06-14
What is the difference between aluminum profile processing and aluminum processing? For this problem, many people cannot distinguish the difference between them. Let's take a look at the difference between them. Definition of aluminum processing: aluminum processing is the process of casting aluminum ingots (or secondary aluminum) through various processes such as casting, rolling, extrusion and surface treatment to produce products for different industries. Aluminum processing is divided into two forms: deformation processing and casting processing, and deformation processing technology is divided into extrusion technology and rolling technology. The products made by the extrusion process are called extruded aluminum profiles, which mainly include industrial aluminum profile profiles and architectural aluminum profiles. Products manufactured through the calendering process are collectively referred to as plate and foil materials, including various aluminum plates, belts and aluminum foils. The original aluminum is processed into various precision aluminum alloy die castings or precision sheet metal. The definition of aluminum profile processing: the process of extruding aluminum cast rods through an extruder and forming a mold. Of course, aluminum profile processing also includes subsequent artificial aging, surface treatment, deep processing and other processes. In other words, aluminum processing includes the processing of aluminum profiles. Aluminum processing is the general term for aluminum alloy processing, and aluminum profile processing is a subdivided category. The above is the difference between aluminum profile processing and aluminum processing. Can you tell the difference?, aluminum profile processing and other related information, you can follow the official website to learn more about the update!
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