u200bAluminum profile cutting

by:Zeyi     2021-12-21
When cutting the keel of the curtain wall, pay attention to the difference between the aluminum alloy keel and the steel keel. ). Pay attention to the construction gaps during the processing of aluminum profiles, and consider the construction errors. For example, after calculating the processing size of the curtain wall opening fan, it is recommended to deduct an additional 1.5mm on each side. The beam should pay attention to the deduction of the thickness of the flexible gasket (normal thickness). 1mm, please refer to drawings for details). Pay attention to the dimensions of the aluminum profile processing sheet. The key dimensions must be clearly marked and as detailed as possible. For example, the angle of the cross beam must be noted to indicate the opening position of the bolt hole and whether it can be centered. In the profile blanking list, please pay attention to clearly indicate the appearance disposal method, profile state, and color number of each profile.
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