Use and maintenance of aluminum profile equipment

by:Zeyi     2021-12-29
According to the law of wear and tear of aluminum profile equipment, the longer the normal wear period, the better the use effect of the aluminum profile equipment. In other words, in order to make the best use of the aluminum profile equipment during the use period, it is necessary to make the normal wear period equal to the natural life of the equipment. From this, we can draw a basic concept, that is, after the equipment is put into production and use, it is hoped that the more available time during the use period, the better. The time availability of the equipment use effect is determined by the equipment downtime for maintenance. The more time the equipment is down for maintenance, the less time it can work and the lower the time utilization rate; on the contrary, the higher the time utilization rate. Our ideal is to require 100% of the equipment time. To achieve this goal, various factors are involved. As far as the equipment itself is concerned, in addition to the quality of the composition period (including the reliability and durability of performance, the rationality of the structure, the advancement and rationality of the selection of materials, the processing and manufacturing Quality assurance level, etc.) are basic conditions. Correct and reasonable use of the service life, careful maintenance, and careful management are the objective requirements for prolonging the life of the equipment, and the basic conditions for giving full play to the efficiency of the equipment and improving the availability of time. Countless examples in actual work show that equipment of the same model and the same manufacturer put into production at the same time, working under the same environmental conditions, due to the advantages and disadvantages of the use and maintenance conditions, the use effect is very large. This situation is not only between two devices, even in the same device, due to the difference in the level of use and maintenance of different operators and users, the use effect will be different. Therefore, the focus of the management of the service life of the equipment should be on the use and maintenance of the equipment. 1. The basic conditions for the correct use of equipment to achieve reasonable use of aluminum profile equipment are: according to the technological characteristics and actual needs of the company’s product production, the equipment should be equipped to make it complete with a reasonable and coordinated layout; according to the performance, load-bearing capacity and technology of the equipment Features, arrange the production tasks of the equipment. Select and equip qualified operators; formulate and implement regulations for the use and maintenance of equipment, including a series of regulations and systems, to ensure that operators use and maintain equipment in accordance with the relevant technical data of the equipment; have an objective environment to ensure that the equipment is fully effective, including Necessary protective measures and measures against moisture, corrosion, dust, and earthquakes. Establish and implement various responsibility systems for the use of equipment. The management of the use of equipment is based on these basic conditions, from the signing of the contract with the supplier to the withdrawal of production, through planning, organization, education, supervision and a series of measures to reduce wear and tear, maintain the equipment's due accuracy, Technical performance and production efficiency, extend the service life, keep the equipment in a good technical state, and obtain the best economic effect. (1) Equipped with equipment Reasonably equipped with equipment in the production department is a prerequisite for the correct and reasonable use of equipment, to give full play to its effectiveness, and to improve its use effect. Reasonable equipment means that enterprises should equip and select equipment according to the actual needs of product technology requirements according to the production capacity, nature of production and enterprise development direction. When arranging and selecting equipment, pay attention to the following points: (1) Consider the complete set of main production equipment and auxiliary production equipment. Otherwise, there will be incompatibility between the equipment, resulting in uncoordinated production arrangements, affecting the normal production; (2) The equipment should be equipped with each other in terms of performance and economic efficiency, and as the product structure changes, the variety , Changes in quantity and technical requirements, as well as the popularization and application of new processes and new materials, the proportion of all types of equipment should be adjusted accordingly to adapt them; (3) In the process of equipping equipment, do not pursue 'big and complete' , 'Small but complete.' In an enterprise, when comprehensively planning, balancing, and implementing the equipment capabilities of each unit, it is necessary to take the maximum role of the equipment and the highest utilization effect as the starting point, and try to be concentrated and not dispersed as much as possible; (4) For some special equipment, if it can Use existing equipment to improve, refit or solve through the innovation of a certain tooling fixture, do not purchase special equipment; (5) In the equipment, pay attention to improving the adaptability and flexibility of equipment processing. To meet the needs of products with multiple varieties, small batches and short production periods.
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