Use of accessories for industrial aluminum

by:Zeyi     2021-10-08
The industrial aluminum profile accessories are rich in varieties, which can basically meet the needs of designers. The main accessories include bolts, nuts, corner pieces, connectors, end connecting plates, spacer connecting blocks, elastic fasteners, living hinges, hoof corners and casters. (1) Bolts profile frames generally adopt internal linking methods, using special half-round head bolts or special bolts, and tapping threads and drilling process installation holes at the profile connection before installation. (2) Corner fittings Corner fittings are commonly used connectors for aluminum profiles. They are generally used for vertical or cross connection of industrial aluminum profiles. There are mainly three types of commonly used corner fittings, strong corner fittings and steering corner fittings. Common angle pieces are used to strengthen the supporting force of the connected profile points, and can also be used as the connection method of the profiles that need to be moved; the strong angle pieces are often used to support and fix the strong or vibrating profiles and the profile points; the steering angle pieces are used to Cross profile connection. (3) End-face connecting plate and spacer connecting block The end-face connecting plate is mainly used when connecting rectangular and large-sized square profiles with hoof corners and casters, which has an excessive effect. When using the spacer connecting block, first insert the end of the connecting block directly into the groove of the profile, and then tightly fix it on the profile after rotating 90°, and then you can install various panels such as plexiglass on the connecting block, and then lock it with bolts. Tight, easy to install and easy to disassemble. (4) Elastic fasteners and living hinge elastic fasteners have anti-loose and anti-vibration functions. When two sections of profiles are connected at right angles, insert the elastic fasteners into the grooves of one section of the profile, and then use special bolts to connect the two sections of profile. The connection point should be pre-punched and threaded. This connection method is tight and reliable, which can effectively prevent the connection from loosening. The elastic fasteners and living hinges are shown in the figure respectively. (5) Hoof horns and casters Hoof horns are universal accessories for various industrial aluminum profile frame and equipment. They have support and shockproof functions. The screw can be used to adjust the height. Precision casters with silent, dustproof and stacked brakes can be installed on machines, carts and other frames made of aluminum profiles. (6) Other accessories Other accessories for industrial aluminum profiles include hinges, end covers, movable hooks, flat seal groove strips, U-shaped groove strips, handles and lifting eyes. The hinge is used for the active connection between the profile and the profile or between the profile and the board. The end cover is installed on the end face of the profile, which is both beautiful and safe. The movable hook can be inserted into the groove of the profile to slide back and forth to hook various tools, wires and other objects. The flat seal groove can cover the grooves on the surface of the profile, play a decorative role, and can also keep the surface of the profile clean. After the U-shaped groove strip is put into the groove of the profile, the plexiglass and other plates can be inserted to play the role of buffering, protection and sealing. The handle is installed on the profile for easy opening and carrying. The lifting eye is installed on the end face of the profile for lifting. ————The article comes from the Internet. If there is any infringement, please contact to delete it.
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