Uses of equipment in industrial aluminum profile plant

by:Zeyi     2021-08-17
All powerful industrial aluminum profile manufacturers have their own extrusion workshops. Although everyone is now extruding industrial aluminum profile profiles from aluminum rods after heating, they face themselves when they enter the extrusion plant. Unfamiliar machinery and equipment, do not know the purpose of each equipment, the following is a brief introduction to the use of each equipment in the industrial aluminum profile profile factory. 1. Long rod hot shear furnace: The long rod hot shear furnace is composed of three parts: the rack, the furnace body and the hot shear. It is the equipment for heating, shearing and feeding the raw material aluminum rod to the extruder. 2. Extruder: The aluminum profile extruder is the main machine and is the power device for extruded profile forming. 3. Mold furnace: The function of the mold furnace is to heat the mold. 4. Traction machine: The traction machine has the functions of traction, sawing, and length fixing. The production line does not need to use the traction machine, but without the traction machine, three more workers are needed! Therefore, more than 95% of the manufacturers will be equipped. 5. Aluminum profile cooling bed: The cooling bed is composed of the initial discharge table, the material moving device, the feeding device, the straightening system, the storage device, the fixed-length transmission, the finished saw table, and the fixed-length table. It has the functions of cooling, feeding, straightening and sawing. 6. Aging furnace: The aging furnace is composed of rails, charging carts and furnace body. Used to increase the hardness of the profile. The above is a brief introduction of the 'uses of equipment in the industrial aluminum profile plant'. I hope it can be helpful to you. If you have any questions, please feel free to consult!
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