Wastewater treatment and reuse technology for aluminum profile surface treatment

by:Zeyi     2021-10-12
Aluminum profile surface treatment wastewater treatment and reuse technology. Through coagulation and sedimentation experiments, the optimal coagulant, coagulant aid and their dosage have been determined, and the influence of microfiltration operation factors on the membrane filtration performance and the overall operation effect of the combined process has been investigated. , And conducted a technical and economic analysis. Products made of top ten brands of aluminum and other alloy elements. It is usually processed into castings, forgings, foils, plates, strips, tubes, rods, profiles, etc., and then cold bending, sawing, drilling, assembling, and coloring. The main metal element is aluminum, and some alloying elements are added to improve the performance of aluminum. All-aluminum household aluminum panels on both sides, the PVC core filled in the middle of the PVC panels on the market, usually have a density value of about 1.4-1.8 (the smaller the density value, the better the quality). Door and window aluminum door and window materials, the material connected to the wall. Its main feature is that the surface where it meets the wall is mostly flat, which is fixed on the wall and cannot be moved. The combined process can save water, reduce pollution, and has multiple social, environmental and economic benefits. 1. Test materials and methods 1.1 The test water test equipment was placed directly adjacent to Foshan, and the aluminum surface treatment of the provincial aluminum plant on the production line of the integrated drainage flow adjustment tank (contains other pollutants from plants, chromium wastewater, and nickel enter the adjustment tank separation process , The remaining waste water directly enters the adjustment tank), and the wastewater is directly from the integrated drainage flow adjustment tank. The water quality: Al3+ 500600mg/L, SO42-20003000mg/L, turbidity 300500NTU, pH35. 1.2 Test device aluminum profile surface treatment wastewater treatment and recycling technology coagulation box, effective volume sedimentation and filter tank is 30, 50, 80L, made by Mitsubishi, 0.1M, membrane fiber membrane pore size 0.27 mm inner diameter, outer diameter 0.42 mm, membrane Hollow fiber membrane of polyethylene microfiltration membrane with an area of u200bu200b2.0 square meters. The membrane filter is placed directly in the swimming pool, which is set under the air aeration pipe, and is a membrane module with refined movements. The solenoid valve outlet pipe is at both ends of the membrane module, and the anti-aeration time is in the water controller system. 1.3 Test method 1.3.1 Coagulant screening technology test In order to select the appropriate coagulant and coagulant aid, a sequential batch test was used in the exploration stage to compare the coagulation effects of various commonly used coagulants. According to the characteristics of aluminum profile surface treatment wastewater and the needs of subsequent wastewater treatment programs, select turbidity, Al3, SO42-removal rate, flocculant sedimentation performance, etc. as indicators, and seek better coagulant and dosage.. Take 1000ml Beaker, add 500ml waste water temperature and room temperature 28°C, add coagulant, add naoh powder to adjust the ph value to 8.0, then add coagulant aid pam, add 360r/min and 150r/min in 6-piece agitator respectively, stir 1min, stir for 2min, 30min, determine the flocculation and sedimentation effect. 1.3.2 Membrane filtration + coagulation test composition coagulant and coagulant solution can be studied separately through the analysis metering valve into the suction pipe of the water inlet pump, and the raw water can be rapidly mixed with the raw water through the improvement of the impeller and enter the coagulation tank; After slow mixing, it enters the inclined tube sedimentation tank; the supernatant after the mud-water separation enters the filter tank, and the effluent is filtered through the membrane filtration technology to obtain information under the action of the suction pump for treatment. The intake valve and the outlet valve alternately teach under the control of the time management controller. According to the suspended solids content in the effluent water of the coagulation system, the sedimentation at the bottom of the safety filter tank cannot be ruled out every 68 cycles. 2. Results and discussion 2.1 Coagulation precipitation test In order to improve the degree of compression flocculation, PAM was selected as the coagulant. FeCl2, ferric chloride, Fe2 (SO4) 3, aluminum trichloride, calcium (OH) 25 were used in this study. Kind of coagulant, of.
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