What accessories do industrial aluminum profiles need

by:Zeyi     2021-05-01
In industrial production, a variety of accessories and tools are needed, such as hand hammers, screwdrivers, pliers, wrenches, etc., for repairing cars, and there are many types of industrial aluminum profile profiles, which can meet most of the designs in daily life. need. The primary accessories are bolts, nuts, corners, end link plates, living hinges, and the secondary ones are links, distance link blocks, hoof corners, casters, etc., as well as some other accessories, which will not be summarized here. Next, let's talk about the role these accessories play in production. Accessory 1: Bolts The internal connection method is the most commonly used method for industrial aluminum profile structure selection, mainly using half-round head bolts or special bolts. The equipment area needs to tap threads and process equipment holes at the profile links. Accessory 2: Corner fittings Corner fittings are generally used for straight and interspersed links of industrial aluminum profile profiles, and are the most commonly used couplings. There are mainly three types of commonly used angle pieces, powerful angle pieces and steering angle pieces. Commonly used angle pieces can be used to strengthen the support points of the connected aluminum profiles, and can also be used as the connection method of the profiles that need to be moved. The strong angle pieces are often used to support and fix the profiles and the profile points that are subject to strong or oscillating forces; steering angles Pieces are used for interspersed profile connection. Accessories 3: End-face connecting plate and distance connecting block. The end-face connecting plate is mainly used when connecting rectangular and large standard long and hollow square profiles with hoof corners and casters, which has an excessive effect. When using the distance connecting block, first pierce the end of the connecting block directly into the groove of the profile, and then tightly fix it on the profile after rotating 90°. Then, various panels such as plexiglass can be installed on the connecting block, and then bolts are used. It is locked, the equipment is concise, and it is convenient to disassemble. Accessories 4: Elastic fasteners and living hinges Relaxing and anti-vibration is one of the most important functions of elastic fasteners. Mainly when two sections of profile are connected at right angles, the elastic fastener is pierced into the groove of one section of the profile, and then the two sections of profile are connected with special bolts. The connection point of the profile should be pre-punched and tapped. This connection method is tight and reliable. , Which can effectively avoid loose connection. The elastic fasteners and living hinges are separated as shown in the figure. Accessories Five' hoof horns and casters    hoof horns are universal accessories for all types of industrial aluminum profile structures and equipment. They have support and shockproof effects. The screw can be used for height control. In the structure of machines and carts made of aluminum profiles, fine, quiet, dustproof and stacked brake casters can be equipped.  Other accessories     Other accessories for industrial aluminum profiles include hinges, end covers, movable hooks, flat seal groove strips, U-shaped groove strips, handles and lifting eyes.  The hinge is used for the movable connection between the profile and the profile or the profile and the board. The end cover equipment is on the end face of the profile, which is both beautiful and safe. The movable hook can be pierced into the groove of the profile to slide back and forth to hook various objects, wires and other objects. The flat seal groove can cover the pits on the surface of the profile, play a decoration effect, and can also maintain the regular appearance of the profile. After the U-shaped groove strip is put into the pit of the profile, it can pierce the plexiglass and other plates, which has the effects of buffering, maintenance and sealing. The handle equipment is on the profile, which can be easily opened and selected. The lifting eye equipment is used for lifting on the end face of the profile. Foshan Nanhai District Co., Ltd. is a large modern comprehensive enterprise integrating Ru0026D, production, sales and technical services. It has production bases for aluminum casting, copper casting, aluminum extrusion, copper extrusion, and aluminum rolling. Mainly engaged in high-end alloys, industrial aluminum, special aluminum, alloy aluminum, copper and other products. 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