What aluminum material to choose to highlight the fashion of doors and windows

by:Zeyi     2021-08-03
Aluminum alloy doors and windows are the guarantee of residents' lives, and they are also an indispensable part of housing construction. We often say that when decorating a house, we must first determine the decoration style. Then, aluminum alloy doors and windows are an important part of home decoration. Faced with so many styles, how much do you know? Beautiful appearance, durability, and simplicity are among the factors favored by consumers. The editor gives you tips. It is better to choose golden oak and red rosewood for the aluminum materials of Chinese style doors and windows. These two colors are close to the color of Chinese red, which represents good luck and good luck.   China has the longest history of door and window manufacturing in the world. Chinese people have a deep affection for national culture and prefer to hang two red lanterns upside down at the door. What size aluminum should I choose? The editor recommends that everyone install 43*100 sliding door series or 35*85 sliding door 1.2 series, etc., to demonstrate the status and power of the owner; the reputation in the circle of friends and the respect of people around them. Nordic Series If your home is decorated in European and American style, generally European and American styles are mainly light colors; the color block is simple, the lines are smooth, and the sliding design is the main line. The editor recommends that you choose 35*83 sliding door 1.2 series, 35*85 series sliding Door, 35*88 sliding door 1.2 series, 47*105 sliding door series, the color can choose fluorocarbon champagne gold, apple gold, ash, BMW gold, noble champagne and other colors.  The color system is complete, and there are various color systems for your reference. There are always colors you like. This is one of the highlights. European-style homes install sliding doors and windows to reduce the internal space occupied by doors and windows. Bright aluminum is selected to enhance the indoor luminosity, which has enough light and wide space. Pragmatic style, practical style, home decoration, choose aluminum 30*75 flat door 1.0 series, 43*88 flat door 1.4 series, 35*88 flat door 1.2 series, black and white with flat door, 43*98 flat door 1.4 series, color according to individual Choose if you like it. Practical houses are small in size and are usually rented out. Office workers don't mind the living environment too much.
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