What are non-system doors and windows? What are its characteristics?

by:Zeyi     2022-02-01
What are non-system doors and windows? Compared with system doors and windows, non-system doors and windows have long existed in our country. During this period, they all took engineering projects as the center and accepted a large number of orders. The design, production, manufacturing, sales and installation of doors and windows are all related to the project. It is difficult to guarantee the performance, function and quality of doors and windows, and it is difficult to meet the ever-increasing needs of consumers, and it is difficult to meet the ever-increasing life needs of consumers. Therefore, at present, such windows are generally called non-aluminum.com/products.html' target='_blank'>aluminum profile doors and windows. As the initial product of the development of modern doors and windows, there are many problems with the quality and performance of non-system doors and windows. Let us take a look. The main results are as follows: (1) Insufficient research and development, the overall performance of the product cannot meet the requirements, and the stability needs to be improved. High-quality products are inseparable from Ru0026D and design, and Ru0026D innovation plays an increasingly important role in modern industrial production. The same is true for doors and windows. Due to the lack of early Ru0026D design and system standards, the production of products is only simple material selection and assembly, coupled with the amount of engineering, the quantity demand of products requires them to pay attention to production efficiency, and gradually ignore product quality, so that there are many in product production. Uncertainty. (2) Lack of sustainable and stable performance and quality assurance. In the age of industrialization, the value of production lies in whether the equipment is complete and advanced, whether the quality of personnel and technology meets the standards, and whether there is a standardized production workshop. The positioning and product quality of non-aluminum profile doors and windows determine that they will not spend high costs to introduce equipment, talents, Ru0026D, production, and manufacturing. The choice of materials is uncertain, and the workshop production is also uncertain. It is difficult to form a solid hardware and software environment. So that this kind of doors and windows cannot achieve the expected stability. (3) Performance and quality are difficult to guarantee and difficult to maintain in the later stage. Non-system door and window walking is the engineering quality, and the requirement of high production efficiency makes them ignore the requirements of door and window production standards. The selection of door and window materials does not form a unified standard. According to the principle of compatibility, the selected materials will fluctuate from time to time. It is difficult to guarantee the performance and quality of the products produced by the products. Therefore, after installing and using doors and windows, there will be many problems, such as air leakage, fog, and component damage. However, due to the problems of many products, loss and loss of data, there will be many problems in future maintenance, and the traceability and maintainability are not very good. (4) Lack of systemicity, and it is difficult to meet the five requirements set by the state. When people buy a door and window brand, they buy a complete set of products such as doors and windows, instead of temporarily assembling them from materials and components such as profiles, glass, hardware, rubber strips, and insulating strips when they need to buy doors and windows. For temporarily assembled doors and windows, whether the matching of materials is optimal, whether the hardware is matched with other systems, and how the overall performance is, these are uncertain questions. Because this kind of doors and windows has not undergone repeated cycles of design, manufacturing, debugging, proving ground testing, and overall optimization and improvement, of course, it cannot be guaranteed to meet its performance and quality requirements such as safety, durability, and comfort.
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