What are the advantages and disadvantages of aluminum alloy furniture

by:Zeyi     2021-07-24
Everyone is familiar with aluminum alloy doors and windows, while using aluminum alloy to make furniture may not be very familiar to some people. Aluminum alloy furniture is unique in design, fashionable and artistic, so it is very popular with some young people. What about aluminum alloy furniture? The editor tells everyone about the advantages and disadvantages of aluminum alloy furniture:    With the development of modern industrial technology, a new type of furniture such as aluminum alloy furniture has emerged. All the furniture made of aluminum alloy is because its strength is relatively high, which is very close to the strength of high-quality steel, and aluminum alloy furniture has good plasticity and is very convenient to process.  Advantages of aluminum alloy furniture:   1, green and environmental protection  The biggest advantage of aluminum alloy furniture is environmental protection, because aluminum alloy, cold-rolled steel plate and other metal materials are obtained from a series of processing from our mineral resources. With the development of the metal industry, the current metal materials from the extraction of raw materials, use and processing, to elimination, will not cause waste of resources in the social environment and damage the ecological environment. Therefore, the biggest advantage of this aluminum alloy furniture is that it is environmentally friendly, and it is a resource product that can be reused and has a high utilization rate. There will be no problem of excessive formaldehyde in general furniture.  2, multiple functions   aluminum alloy furniture and other metal furniture generally use stronger metal plates in the production process. These aluminum alloy furniture can meet many functional requirements after a series of bending processes. In our current market, many aluminum alloy furniture are designed with very convenient functions such as multi-drawing, multi-door, and mobile. These can be done in many products. It is worth mentioning that, with the development of industrial technology, many of the aluminum alloy furniture have a folding function, which is very convenient to use and very space-saving.  3, fire-proof and moisture-proof    Compared with our panel furniture and solid wood furniture, aluminum alloy furniture has the characteristics of fire-proof and moisture-proof. Therefore, the second major advantage of this aluminum alloy furniture is that it can withstand the test of fire and reduce losses. It also has a moisture-proof effect, which is very suitable for southern China. It is also worth mentioning that this aluminum alloy furniture is also moisture-proof, which is very suitable for use in this electronic age. Many of our precious audiovisual tapes and classic CDs are most afraid of being interfered by strong magnetic fields. If you use aluminum alloy furniture, you can solve this kind of problem.  Of course, any product has advantages and disadvantages. Then, the disadvantages of aluminum alloy furniture are:   The texture of aluminum alloy furniture is hard and cold to the point that many people find it very bad. Because the original materials used in general metal furniture are hard metal plates, and its physical properties determine the hardness and coldness of aluminum alloy furniture, people often reject it because of this texture problem. Another disadvantage of aluminum alloy furniture is that it has a louder sound and a single tone, which cannot meet the requirements and choices of the majority of consumers for furniture styles.
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